How Powerful Are OL Characters?

At approximately what level would an Open Legend character be able to single-handedly defeat an entire army in a straightforward fight? The core rules don’t seem to elaborate much on how powerful characters are at certain levels, so I would like to get a good benchmark on this.

It depends on the setting, player levels are arbitrary and only scaled to the level of other players and NPCs. The GM can decide how powerful the enemies you face are and how powerful the players are in relation to them.

Personally, I’ve run one game where the players were just about a match for one ordinary soldier; and another where by level 5 they were fighting elder gods and beating them easily. I’m sure other games have had a much higher or lower power level than that. A key part of Open Legend is that it’s open. The system makes very few assumptions about how you’re playing so that you can use it for any kind of game you like.

In short: the GM decides how powerful the characters are by setting the power of the world they’re playing in.


Alright, that clears things up. Thank you for the response.

If you compare OL-characters to Pf or DnD characters, than I would say OL characters are much stronger at first levels, but won’t achieve the world changing powers of those characters (especially if you look at spellcasters). So a higher floor, but lower ceiling than characters in those systems.


I wouldn’t say lower ceiling, for there are always rolls that are unaccounted for in the rules, want to rewrite the fabric of reality via a wish spell? Give me a creation alteration roll