How Barrier works

I been reading over the boons and banes to make sure I have everything ready for my first adventure. Only boon I have confusion with is Barrier. Barrier states you must make a multi-targeting attack to define the area. I look at examples in the final print PDF (specifically void templar and spellsword) and they are conflicting. One gives a disadvantage for a 10ft line and one doesn’t. Neither have a perk to boost the boon or area affect. My question is do you apply the disadvantage with barrier when choosing the size and is the PDF is just a typo. Examples would be awesome as well TY.

Yes that looks like a typo. In the Archetypes there are a few.

Correctly you get Disadvantage 1 on invoking a 10 ft line segment Barrier, so the Void Templar looks to be calculated incorrectly.

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Some of those where assuming focus actions I believe, but yes there are a few errors that slipped through