House Rule: Quick Change feat

I am a fan of the alternate form feat, however I feel it could use a minor buff to make it more usable in combat at the cost of a few points.

Quick Change (3 points)
prerequisites: at least one instance of alternate form II

by harnessing your knowledge of your other forms, you have become more adept at switching between them. An example of this might be a crime fighting vigilante, or a vampire lord who quickly transforms himself into a bat and is able to fly away in the blink of an eye.

This feat reduces the time it takes to transform into a form in which you possess tier ii of the alternate form feat from one focus action to one major action. This feat is retained as long as you are in either your base form, or any form for which you possess alternate form tier ii. Any boons being sustained by your previous form that could not normally be invoked by your new form end at the start of your next turn as per normal rules.

Special: if the current damage you have taken exceeds the maximum hit points of your new form, you may not use this feat. I.E. if your starting form has 30 max HP and you have taken 25 damage, you could not switch to a healer form that has only 24 HP maximum, as damage is carried over between forms.

the cost of this feat was set at 3 points because quickly changing forms is powerful, being able to shift to a new form that is a dedicated healer build and heal yourself as a minor action could be extremely strong, which is also why I set the alternate form tier ii feat as a prerequisite. a character should have full knowledge and controll over any second forms in order to quickly change between them. Let me know what you guys think and if you plan on using it in your games.

I’ll say I won’t use this for any of my games b/c of how powerful I feel Alternate Form is already.

Though I do understand that some people have wanted something like this, but then again, the difference between a Focus action and a Major action isn’t huge. You’d just gain the ability to move and potentially sustain a boon that both forms have access to (or be able to throw up Battle Trance after shifting).

I think thematically, the process of completely changing your body (lycan) make sense to take a full focus action.

I might be in favor of allowing a player to do something where as they are transforming they can throw up Battle Trance, but then again that is the reason for Reactionary Trance.

this is why I limited it to tier two of alternate form being able to do it. it takes intense knowledge of that other form and knowing the full implications of the change in order to be able to either quickly change or recover.