[Homebrewed Rule] Movement Penalty from Armor

Thanks for checking on this post. I’m attempting to create a Discord RPG using a bot that can simulate dice rolls, the theme is Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball Super. I was recently referred to using the Open Legend system instead of trying to accomplish what I wanted with DnD 5e rules, and Open Legend seems to be simplifying a ton of the issues I was seeing.

In an attempt at simplifying things to fit into the format of a Discord server, I want to avoid using maps and tiles (and essentially remove “speed” to determine character positioning but do not want to lose game balance.

Heavy armor such as plate armor puts a 5’ speed penalty on players - could a substitution for this be to give the wearer a Disadvantage 1 on their Agility?

I’m still working to understand the rules of Open Legend - so it’s difficult to tell if this makes sense or makes things more complicated

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I would say to not worry about it. Similar to the Fleet of Foot feat.

If you are doing Theatre of the mind, just go with what makes sense. For certain moments in the story/narrative/battle, if it makes sense that a player can just barely not reach something (to help another player possibly shine that doesn’t have such a restriction) you can bring in the heavy armor into play.

The GM is free to give advantage or disadvantage to any sistuation as makes sense to that moment in time, the conditions and ways things work in the world, and things specific to the character. It doesn’t mean you will always apply it, as the situation might be different, etc.

There’s already been a lot of talk about TotM (theater of the mind) with movement, both here on the forums I think, and of course over on the discord. Basically, don’t worry about it, and you can create moments where it matters if a player really wants to build in that Fleet of Foot to their character.

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