Homebrew grid system

I finally wrote this homebrew grid system up properly. Its intended to bridge the gap between Narrative (or Theatre of the Mind) and Grid-based combat. Important character defining attributes such as range, movement speed, and reach are preserved like in Grid combat while absolute distances between combatants are blurred like in Narrative combat.

I’ve been using this system mainly for random encounters and surprise combats in my current 5e game and really seems to help out some of my players that struggle with purely Narrative combat. Due to the common 5’ range increments used in Open Legend, I think this system is nearly plug and play. Feedback welcome.

Battle View System


Sounds a bit like the Star Wars RPG system of handling it. Not fully, but similar

I’ll have to read up on their system. I haven’t played that RPG before. Thanks.

VERY well-organized @honeybadger! You’ve given it some excellent thought! Keep up the good work!

One thing I could suggest is simplifying the wording for “combat group” and “range group”. Seeing the words “combat” and “group” and “range” used independently, and then “combat group” and “range group” used together might be a bit overwhelming, and I can see it becoming confusing for some.

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Thanks for the feedback – I think you are correct. The document definitely needs a pass for verbiage and nomenclature unification. I’ll pay close attention to how I address the two groups.