Holding an action

can you hold an action like an attack or a boon? if you have heightened invocation can you spend the extended duration casting the boon then hold the casting for a specific event. like lets say your friend wants to go somewhere and you want to hold a heightened invocation teleport to bring them back a large distance, could you do that? or do you need to cast the boon exactly after the one minute casting time is up

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Yes it the first part, as covered in the Combat Chapter, under “Waiting to Act

If you do not wish to act when your turn comes, you may choose to defer your turn, either by waiting or by preparing to react in response to some sort of situation. If you wait, you may take your turn at any time after another character has finished their turn but before another character has begun.
If you are preparing to react, then you should give a general description of what you are preparing for, such as “I’ll act when a threat comes through the door” or “I’m readying my bow to shoot at an enemy who goes for the altar.” When the triggering action occurs, you may choose to take your turn even if it interrupts another character’s turn (such as if they are in the process of moving). Once your turn is complete, any characters who you may have interrupted may complete their turn.
If, by the end of the round, your triggering conditions were not met, you may take your turn as usual.

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For the second part, about Heightened Invocation,

That will be up to the GM for your game, and the way in which the setting/world works.

For teleport, in particular, would work a bit different, so that is something to figure out for the world, and is meant to be that way. Long range teleport might be achieved through interconnected devices, special crystals, or very high energy machines.

Techncially, RAW, if you did the teleport, your range is increased to reach them far away, but you would only teleport them a distance as per normal of the teleport boon. AS I GM I have certainly allowed it to affect the teleport distance rather than the range of the spell to target someone however. Though Teleport itself has some things built into the boon for longer teleports as well.

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