HeroMuster presents: ENCOUNTERS

HeroMuster’s newest tool, Encounters is now available as a pre-release. That means all features are there and hopefully all bugs are squashed, but optional paid subscriptions are not yet enabled (free trial during pre-release).

Check it out! https://encounters.heromuster.com/

It is an Encounter Builder and Tracker web app with full support for offline usage, mobile/tablet/desktop viewing, multiple systems (including OL), and multiple languages. It’s a powerful tool for GMs and I’m really proud of it and what it offers to game masters.


New OL feature for ENCOUNTERS:
When creating a new NPC or editing an existing one, if you increase the level, it will automatically bring your HP and DEFENSES up the to minimum value (if they are below it) based on the NPC SIMPLE BUILD in the core rules.
The value is unaltered if it is at least the minimum.

Also, decreasing the level will have also bring things up to the minimum based on the new level, but it does not alter them based on the maximum as that varies depending on if it is a Boss, Minion, or a regular NPC.


New features released for Open Legend!

  • Added NPC Build Guide button that displays a helpful modal (popup); Available when editing an NPC
  • Added bane/boon effect/special text to the displayed modal when selecting them via the combat tracker
  • Added “—” symbol for banes/boons column for easier clicking in the combat tracker
  • Added NOTES column to the combat tracker (functions and templates)

combat tracker refers to PLAY > Run

Also, last week thanks to @BombSquadLM, some other improvements were made:

  • Player names in the combat tracker are now BOLD
  • The combat tracker now uses alternating row colors for easier viewing
  • You can now disable the feature to adjust HP via the scroll wheel on laptops/desktops in SETTINGS.

Finally, you can now start the web app in an available language using buttons visible at the top of RPGencounters.com


I would like to hear your opinion on this idea. A copy and paste version of the npc builder and call it a monster/villain builder. Like the tabs that say NPC / Player / Encounter there would be one more called monsters/villains. I was playing around with the npc builder and the encounter section and I really like them. But I would like to be able to use heromuster to save and track NPC guys like shop keeps and important characters and even add them to encounters like being a hostage or a helping hand. Then being able to open up the monster/villian save files and put in monsters I have made.

Of course I can do all this on paper and word documents but with hero muster trying to be all inclusive I think this would be a good addition.

Thanks for all your work on hero muster.

Realistically those characters are more part of world-building, and sites like Kanka.io and tools like Notion or Campaign Logger help track those types of characters. They don’t have stats really as they are story elements.

I’d love to be an end-all-be-all, but Encounters is definitely focused on the combat aspects of many RPGs.

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