Help with the action part of character creation

Can someone explain what exactly I put in the actions part of the character sheet? Different sources say different things and I just want to know exactly what to put. Plz help me.

the most common things your character does.

Depends what character sheet you are speaking about specifically, but Actions can be Attacks (banes or damaging) or Boons.

So the things your character does the most basically.

Usually name them uniquely that fits the theme of your character is fun.


Check out some examples:


this is the standard format that I use:
“action name” - “action type” - “attribute vs challenge” - “special properties” - “???”
some examples:
Spin Attack - Damaging - Agility vs Guard - 15’ cube area, disadvantage 2, requires sword equipped
Poison Needle - Persistent Damage 6 - Entropy vs Toughness
Mirror Wall - Barrier 7 - Protection vs 24 - 15’ line area, impass type

let me explain them now
“action name” is straightforward, it’s what you call your action, useful for when you’re character is an anime character and screams out their special attack names every time they use it.
“action type” refers to whether the action is a Damaging, Bane, or Boon action, if it’s damaging, simply write it down, if its a Bane or Boon, you write down the name, I used to write it as “bane(bane name and PL)” but now I just write down the name because
“attribute vs challenge” attribute means the attribute dice you are using for the action and challenge is the roll you need to successfully use the action, the challenge is either a flat number if it’s a boon, or 1 of the 3 defenses for damaging and bane attacks.
“special properties” are the extra things that the action might have, like advantage or disadvantage or maybe a feat like attack specialization or area effects. put a “,” comma for every property.
“???” is for what ever thing you can add to the action that the GM will allow. Usually homebrew.

I hope this helped. Don’t be afraid to go out of the ordinary and add some convoluted and strange things that aren’t in the rules for your actions, this is something that people do so obviously it’s okay as the game encourages you to do so anyway and that is probably i think is why you are confused about what to put there, don’t fret. It’s all part of the game. I think.


Thank you everyone for your help. I’ve gathered that the actions section is for a quick select of actions that your character can perform but not a comprehensive list. Please correct me if I’m wrong


That’s exactly right @Atroniac. It’s a short list for your reference only to keep track of things you think are important or that you’ll use often. It has no rules meaning, or anything beyond that :smiley:

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yes, that is very much the case, I thought you were confused about the format and how to write it down, whoops. lol.