Help on the procurment of maps

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on were I could find maps for a campaign I’m writing for open legends which involves a realm composed entirely of land masses drifting through clouds? I’ve been unsuccessful on finding any tips or website sugestions in finding a suitable map would be appreciated.

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can just take any map that is out there, and then cut out pieces of it, those are the floating landmasses

Or take any island map, and just delete the water.

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Thanks for the advice, in my search for the perfect map, I almost forgot I could use Microsoft paint to work with a sea maps you know what they say simpler is better.


Other then A WHOLE lot of mine craft pic heres what I got


Thanks I can definitely use number 2 for one of the earlier villages in the campaign :smile:

1 Like has good stuff all the time and the sidebar has links to the appropriate subreddits for worldmaps and city/village maps, and a few collaborative worldbuilding groups, etc. There was a discord channel called “The Free Isles” that was a collaborative worldbuilding project of a bunch of islands and a bunch got done but it seems to have petered out.

Pinterest has a ton of stuff, more than you can look through and of widely varying quality but at least they have some tags.

You can find a lot of mapmakers on twitter who all post their new stuff (and have even more for patreon subscribers).

And screenshots of google earth can take you far.

I did a modern day mini-campaign where I used a projector and google maps that was a big hit, I thought it was a fun gimmick but now they all want to do that more. The setup was a pico projector pointed down at a whiteboard on the table. So they still use their physical minis on the projected “battlematt”. I’ve never seen so many giggling adult men having more fun than when they would “drive” by yelling directions (and making car noises) to me as I scrolled the map and their mini stayed still.

So I encourage everyone to get creative with where you find maps and how you present them to the players. You will find some great tools and techniques.