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I’m running a modern day crime campaign and me and a fellow gm are creating mafia goons. I was working on the brutes of the group and I wanted them to have a charge attack which causes them to have disadvantage on their next attack, or if they try to attack after missing their target. How would I design this? (also how would I deal with giving damage to them running into things when they charge?)

You can find the rules for standard Charge attacks in the Combat Chapter under “Focus Actions”:

Move up to twice your speed and make one melee attack at disadvantage 1.

As for the rest of it, it sounds like you already have the mechanics worked out, so why not just do it? As the the GM you’re not restricted to buying abilities with points like the players are, if you want your goons to have the ability you described, just write it down! Here’s my take on it from your description:

Make a charge attack in a straight line. You may move through spaces occupied by other characters, if you do they take 1d4 damage and you may make a Knockdown attack against them. Until the end of your next turn all your action rolls have disadvantage


sounds like a pretty cool goon ability I may actually steal that .

Wait, so enemies aren’t restricted by the same attributes as players?!

We’ve been designing enemies all wrong.

They can be but if you need a unique enemy you can feel free to play with the rules a bit to make things more interesting.

Indeed you aren’t! If you look in Running the Game under NPC Statistics there is a rough guide on what level of attribute simple NPCs should have. You’ll notice that there’s no points involved anywhere in the process, so you can give NPCs as many attributes as you like (also feats, but that can cause problems when you give too many while attributes usually doesn’t). There’s also some stuff which is only available to NPCs, and you’re free to introduce more stuff like that if you want.

There’s also the fact that as the GM, you’re the one enforcing the rules in the first place: as long as you’re keeping it fair for the players you can do whatever you want, including just writing out special abilities if they don’t fit neatly within the existing mechanics.

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Oh, thanks for telling me that. That will defiantly help me out. I’ll also post the Enemies on here once I’m done making them in the wiki for public use

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