Healing lethal damage in group with "bard/medic"

The rules say:

With the full-time attendance of a capable healer or doctor, any number of characters who are located in the same area and avoid strenuous activity heal at an additional rate equal to their attendant’s Creation, Presence, or Learning score.

But it’s not clear to me if the healer/doctor also gains the healing?

E.g. In my current group one of them is a bardy medic with presence of 5. They had a run in with a trap and spent the next days recovering. I decided that everyone, including the medic would heal fort + medics presence / day.

Two reasons for this: first is flow, the game would halt because this one medic character was spending several days longer to heal after the others had recovered. Second is they use presence to heal, so basically they would be either working something like a temporary depression or voodooing away the lethal damage (our group still struggles/forgets describing how we use the mechanics – I’ve actually wondered if we would notice much if we changed the setting. :laughing: We’re having a blast learning and playing anyway)

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Nothing wrong with doing the ruling that way, especially to help with game flow.

Normally, I’d say no, the person doing the administrating wouldn’t gain the benefit, as they are having to focus and put the work into doing that.

Narrative, if they are doing it by playing jaunty tunes and keeping the morale of everyone up, it makes sense their own morale would be higher, aiding the body and mind in recovering from those more serious wounds.

The key here is “full-time attendance”, which means the person doing it may not being able to heal at all because they aren’t resting enough themselves (though I’d say that is more the case for fatigue rather than lethal).

You could also say whether full-time attendance is strenuous activity or not. Really more up to the GM and what they think overall.

If you are having fun, and the group is having fun, then I’d say you are on the right track.

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GM already wrote most of what needed to be written but I’ll emphasise this point: Don’t underestimate the effect of the state of mind on the body. There are tons of studies out there which support a direct correlation between the amount of stress one perceives and the recovery of the body. Additionally, people who believe that they will recover often recover faster than people who are in a dour mood and desperate about their situation. So it ain’t that odd as we might think at first.


Thanks both of you! :smiley:
That makes it clear for me now.

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Letting the healer get the healing bonus is how I roll too.

More or less, the healer is tending to the wounds of not just the others but obviously themselves too is how I imagine it going.

And also the pacing is good enough reasoning anyway.