Headdress of Polendyn

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Headdress of Polendyn

This jeweled headdress is made of silver-colored fabric inlaid with crane feathers and pale green and black marbled stones. It is made to sit low on the forehead, where it has two ebony horns that jut out above the brows.

Wealth Level - 4


  • Charmed 4


  • Cursed (Demoralized 3)

  • Powerful 1

The wearer of the headdress only suffers from the Cursed property when the Charmed bane is inflicted on a target. Additionally, the Charmed bane may only be used on one target at a time, and can be revoked by the wearer of the headdress as a minor action. When the bane is revoked, that target becomes immune to all subsequent attempts by the wearer to inflict the bane for the next 24 hours.