Having a Zombie Campaign

Hello there everyone!

I have been coming up with this Dark Fantasy / Zombie Apocalypse setting, but realized that I wanted to come up with a custom bane to better suit the setting.

A setting such as Zombies can be complex just in how the Zombies work, and how the Zombie Infection spreads.

Right now, thanks to the help of the community, it can be caused by either a bane or a boon. Big shoutout to @ConradCurtis, @Deadeye, and @Carl for your help

If a Zombie inflicts Infection, follow the same format as the “Fatigued” Bane, but change the special:
Instead of automatically removing a level of Fatigue after 24 hours, have the player roll a Fortitude CR 20 check to remove it

Here is a link to the Fatigue bane: http://www.openlegendrpg.com/banes/fatigued

The 2nd is a boon that Zombies would have (thanks to @ConradCurtis

Zombie Infection
Invocation Time: 1 Focus Action
Duration: Sustain Persists
Power Level: 1
Attributes: Entropy
While this boon persists, when the target deals damage with a Melee Unarmed Attack, it converts part of the damage dealt to Lethal Damage up to to the targets Entropy Score. When a creature dies while having Lethal Damage dealt with this Boon, it will rise again as an Infected Zombie in 6 hours after death. This special Lethal Damage can be healed as per normal Lethal Damage rules. This special damage cannot exceed the damage originally dealt by the attack.

Ideally, for my campaign, this would be something player character would not have access to.


Hey Rawth, you looking for any players for this game?