"Hard" Power System for Open Legend RPG

It took a while but it’s here.
After getting permission and getting inspired to release this to the public I finally decided to show off this strange ruleset.

I couldn’t just upload it right away as it was actually unreadable and written in an ancient and forbidden language that only my group could feasably understand without needing to invoke Tongues or something.

So after a little bit of polish, its here for people to just use if they want.

Be warned that it was for private personal use for a reason.

This is for you! @Pomander
Also thanks to @VanGo. I’d like to think my old and horrible Advanced Open Legend rules inspired him to make the Yv’lin spellcasting rules and therefore inspired me to make the new Power System rules. But eh. One can dream.

Woo hoo! Thanks so much!

Christmas came early!

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This looks still very raw. For example, many effects apply to actions that don’t fit or make any sense (Lengthening Interrupt Actions or Skills?), Feats are missing prerequisites or have copy/paste errors. And my best guess is that any semblance of game balance goes out of the window with this system. The main culprit of that would probably be all the effects that reduce the Wealth Level costs since those are ripe to be abused by people with a little system mastery. I don’t want to be too harsh, but this needs at least another couple of drafts and some serious playtesting before I would recommend using this in an actual campaign.


Already said that these rules were private and never used plenty of times for those reasons… heh.

That being said, these rules are indeed very raw and very unbalanced, as it is, it is still going through constant changing!

If you look at the change logs you must’ve noticed this thing got an immediate update before you guys got to see the rules (frickin’ day one patches hah!)

Luckily I got my players as my guinea pigs to help with the potentially endless process!

I’ll be looking into those feats and effects and a few minutes after I post this, there’s probably already another update to the thing lol.

The Lengthening of Skills I think could make sense depending on what the skill roll is, but Interrupt? Whoops! Didn’t think that part through.

I intended for Skill type Techniques to be something you gotta define what Skill roll you are actually making. Not just Attribute but also the action.
Not Agility but instead Agility: Lockpick or something. Maybe I should clarify that somewhere…

There was indeed an update again.

Most notably I nerfed cost reducing effects, you can only reduce the cost of a Technique by 5, but the maximum you can reduce is also capped by your level so you gotta be Level 5 or higher first before you can reduce cost like that. Beyond level 5, a -5 to the Wealth Level is the highest you can do.