Hand Written Character Sheet (How To)

I wanna join in the trend of sharing one’s personalized character sheet that seems to be happening right now so here’s mine.

Here’s a method of character sheet making for you low tech guys/gals who have no access to printing or just would rather make things by hand than print!

This is a hand written sheet, all you need is a non erasable pen like a simple ball pen to write with, and intermediate pad paper. I personally use Yellow Pad, any Yellow Pad brand will do mostly.

They take about 5 minutes to make one once you have mastered it.


First, fold the paper horizontally until it has 7 creases, the creases create 8 columns to use as guidelines.
The next step is unnecessary but useful, fold the paper vertically until it has 4 rows.
This is to reduce time counting down rows for certain things.

From there, just copy this format:

Older versions of the sheet showed the formula for calculating hit points and defenses (written below HP and the defenses) but was removed for more writing space and because we’ve pretty much already memorized the formula by heart.

The back is empty and is used for writing down any notes one might deem important. So usually it’s where we track our inventory. Divided into 2 columns (written down or just using the creases as the guide) for more writing space.
Any more than that is considered not important enough and is tracked instead in a separate piece of pad paper.

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