Guild Wars 2 in Open Legend

Hi everybody

I’m going to try and run a campaign in the Guild Wars 2 universe.
I would like to get some feedback on some of the conversion I will do and also share the resources I generate.

In the start I have looked at the classes available in Guild Wars 2 and which attributes and feats etc fits them. It is not complete characters but only a little information what to focus on when creating character fitting one of the classes. This is just my view of the classes and I love feedback if you think something should be changed.
Guild Wars 2 Archtypes / Classes

I am a bit ensure what would fit a revenant. This class is a character which have been it the mists (alternate dimension / spirit world) and they are able to talk with and be powered by dead legendary characters from the history who are in the mist. For this I think they should have the prescience attribute for communication with the characters in the mists. They can also make attacks through the mists like teleporting around an enemy and hit it with a sword or throwing a hammer through the mists and have it teleport back to you after hitting. For this i think the movement attribute could be used. Do you have some input to this?

I expect to continuously add stuff to this post as I generate it.

You seem to have put a lot of thought into this, and I think your guidelines for Attributes might be a useful resource for your players, but as always when converting something from one medium to another you don’t have to copy the weaknesses and limitations.

Don’t restrict your players, let them decide what their characters are rather than making them pick from a list. The “class” system is there because GW2 is a videogame, and they can’t offer the customisation that a tabletop RPG can because they don’t have a GM there to make sure it all makes sense. If you treat it like a real world rather than a game, why can’t my Elementalist learn some illusion and be a Mesmer as well? Why can’t my Engineer do some weapons training and be a Warrior and a Guardian? They probably wouldn’t be as good at one thing as a specialist, but there’s no reason why they couldn’t broaden their training if they can explain how their character would do it.

Explain the world to your players (if they don’t already know it) then allow them to build their characters how they want. Have some discussion with them during the process, help them build a character they’ll enjoy playing and steer them away from things that don’t make sense (unless they have a good explanation). It’s a key part of Open Legend, the fact that it’s Open. As an added bonus, it’s less work for you! No need to work out how to build a Revenant, just explain what a Revenant is and let your players do the figuring out; you just have to approve the final product.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Don’t worry. I have no intention of forcing my players to choose a class and following these archtypes. One of the reasons I like open legend is due to the openness of the system (as you also points out).

These archtypes / classes are only for inspiration for the players and myself, the GM (since many NPCs in the larger factions in the world most of the time fits these archtypes and i will use it for quickly generate random NPCs). That is one of the reasons I have only put a few attributes/feats for each one.

I know my players can be a bit overwhelmed by the huge amount of choices when creating the characters and then they can use this as a guideline / inspiration. Some of my players have also played the video game already and I expect that they are going to ask how they could get / do / flavor specific attacks and mechanics from the game. Then I have this guide to give them inspiration.

But good point about letting my players help do the “heavy work” and figure out how the revenant and other things can function in the system.

Another off topic thing: If I would like some help / feedback for when I will be converting monsters should I just continue post it here or should I create another topic in another category?

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I would suggest another topic in the “NPC/Creatures” category.

A quick bit of advice before you start: focus more on trying to capture the feel of a monster rather than specific mechanics. If you come across an ability that you can’t exactly replicate in OL, first consider what it’s meant to do to the battlefield and what it’s supposed to feel like to fight. If, and only if, that doesn’t point you in the right direction you can always just write out a “special” section for the monster that introduces a new rule to achieve what you need.


Okay will do :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the advice :slight_smile: