Group of 4+ Friends Looking for a GM for Roll20/Online (Eastern Time, USA)


I have a group of friends that have been playing Open Legend together off and on - some of us since before the kickstarter began (the first game for some of us was an early version of Star Once Fallen with @brianfeister himself GMing!). We are all middle-aged guys with families - we love playing OL/RPGs and can be serious about game play and story, but we aren’t hard-core-serious role players - we want to have fun and crack the occasional (or not so occasional) joke, so a sense of humor is definitely needed :slight_smile:

I was running our most recent game, and trying to do an ambitious homegrown post-apocalyptic world/campaign. I was really struggling to find the time I wanted to to prepare for each session. I’m not experienced enough of a GM to improvise a ton, and the time it took to prep locations, characters, and potential plot lines was overwhelming, so our game petered out. I felt I needed a really good idea of what was going on in the world, and pre-rolled characters to run a smooth game, and I didn’t have the time to prep all that. A lot of big picture ideas, not a lot of fleshed-out detail.

Problem is - we all miss playing. We are usually able to stick to a bi-weekly schedule, usually a weeknight from 8-10:30 (EDT) or so. We are geographically relatively close so if someone is in the Philadelphia suburban area, an occasional in-person game is not out of the question.

I would love to try something outside the classical fantasy realm, but really I think we would have fun in any setting that made for good game play.

Is there anyone out there who wants to take us on? We would even consider compensating an experienced GM for their time, as long as it’s affordable on an ongoing basis…

Open to homegrown or prefab translated from another system, or whatever. Would love to stick with OpenLegend as we all have a good understanding of the system (and love it), which is why I came here first!

I have a suggestion for you all.

Get hold of Loremasters and try to find out when they’ll release Radlands or if you can playtest it on R20. You can find Lynn and Mark under “loremasters” on Discord.

It’s a premade, and easy to use, post apoc setting similar to Fallout. Thus the GM just has to do the improv part, as the rest is already written for OL. That would cut down the workload considerably for the GM.

Hope that helps.

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I am going to look into this, thank you!

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If you can make Fridays from 3 to 7 in mst time my group would be glad to take you we only have 3 players currently and its a fantasy setting taking place among a series of floating islands utilizing an alchemic system I link the discord here if your interested

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@Cubedwarrior I really appreciate the invite - I don’t think I can do that timeframe though, and can almost guarantee the others can’t. Thanks, though!

I have a Blue Planet mini adventure I had put together, partially because I really like both BP and OL so wanted to put them together in a mad science experiment and see what happens. I can certainly do EST weekday evenings, but remotely. My normal “In Person” game is an OL campaign set in Eberron that has been going bi-weekly for about a year and a half. Ping if you are interested. Also have the BP notes if you are interested in those.

@Rainrider That sounds cool! I am running a few of these options by the group. Some of us are traveling during August so it likely won’t be able to commit to a regular thing until September-ish, but I will get back to you!

Look forward to it :slight_smile: I am also currently trying to adapt the Old Skool Warhammer Grim and Dark Fantasy to OL. Not sure how that might come out yet though.


Character Creation (severe mad science here, not fully complete):

Pregen Character (in progress):