Grapple Master, For Dragging Your Foes Wherever You Go

When grappling via a Might Immobile, you don’t need to reinflict to drag them along. You can move as you could usually, and the target is simply dragged with you, no extra roll neccessary.

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So, typically, my suggestion for Homebrew stuff is:

  1. Discord to garner quick feedback for possible changes
  2. Community forum to get a bit more long-term feedback (week/month)
  3. Post on Wiki after feedback and possible changes have been gathered from 1 & 2

So first question is, what is the problem you are attempting to solve. B/c there are potentially 2 different ones from the feat you have made, but your solution might be giving more than you intended.

  1. Solve the problem of having to roll again to drag them, and just get it for free
  2. Wanting to still have your Major action to do something while dragging someone, or to be able to double move

You would solve them in similar ways, but slight phrases would change it and how powerful it is. And potentially solving it another way as well.

Adding in a phrase that says your Major Action is still spent to be able to drag the person, but a roll is no longer required, it is considered Auto-Success.

Further that statement, if you want a little more for the feat, and add the following sentence to the above: You gain 15’ of extra movement while remaining grappled in such a fashion.

OR, leaving it pretty much how you have it, which means you get to move a person around for free AND get a Major action to do other things.

I didn’t make it from the perspective of fixing a problem, personally. I don’t see fixing problems as the only use of homebrewing, just one possible use.

Whether it’s used just as autosucceed, or to still have a Major you can use, or to mix Major and Move to take the target further, I see those all as valid uses of the feat, so I’d say the feat as it is now allows that.

I suppose if it must be seen through the lens if solving problems, both 1 and 2 apply I’d say.

I will be sure in the future to go through the proper channels in the proper order, apologies on that.

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There isn’t “proper channels”, just a suggestion to help firm things up before being put on the wiki to make sure it is the best possible version. No worries there, especially as there are other examples of this on the wiki presently.

When I say a “problem” I don’t mean there is something terrible wrong and it must be fixed. Every single feat solves a problem, that’s why it exists.

“I want to be able to attack multiple times” Multi-Attack Specialist feat
“I want to just auto-succeed at a Boon” Boon Focus
etc etc

Basically, you had something in mind when you thought up this feat, or you wouldn’t have thought it up at all.

Personally, I would be concerned about the power of this granting the ability to use a Major Action. You are getting a more powerful forced move for free, and then still being able to do a Major Action to do an attack or a boon.

For this, I would recommend that it is an auto success, but that auto success still costs your Major action to do. Allowing an extra 15’ of movement may be in order, OR making it a 2 tier feat, where the 2nd tier allows you to move with the target farther.

Understood, I’ll implement soon as capable. Edit: Implemented. Now is just an autosuccess.

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