GM Needs Art, Please

Hi, I’m writing a Fantasical Steampunk campaign, and am a wildly Incompetent artist, I have tried many times, and failed, miserably, I was hopping someone might have a few battlemaps in a backlog somewhere that I may be able to borrow. I have looked for things online but really can’t find anything that seems fitting, I;m going for grossly stereotypical steampunk. I would be ecstatic if anyone that just loves doing art wants to maybe do some steampunky stuff, but I am not in a position to pay anyone. Otherwise if anyone know of any websites i can find stuff that i haven’t come across yet I would be most grateful, thanks!

It would help if you were far more specific. A battlemap could be on an airship, an island, a city, a ruin, a banquet hall, the wilderness, a castle, a state house, a village, a town, streets… and that’s just a few things. Getting more specific will allow people to better assist you.

Do you need this for print, for digital, for in person, for virtual table top. Do you need royalty free, or is it private so it doesn’t matter b/c you aren’t making money off of it in anyway, etc etc.

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Virtual Tabletop, though i could scan IRL copies, and to be quite frank, i can use anything, I haven’t finished writing yet, and could work with what I had, though I do know I need a Inn (with 2 floors) and as many towns/settlements as possible. Anything outrageously steampunky please do send my way. Again, I’m not in a position to pay anyone, so I am more realistically looking for a few people that have run a steampunk campaign previously and would be happy to share some of their maps, thanks for making me clear that up.



Not sure if you can save this for virtuall tabletop but it could be a cool battle room.
gear maze

If your looking for non grid floor plans then I would use a google search like this one to get some nice art.
google for the win

The Grid Maps are a-mazing, thank you so much, if you see anything perusing around the internet I would be most grateful, I did check the Reddit but didn’t find anything that suited, how did you find that?

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my googlefu is powerful.

I will try to look for more grid based steampunked maps when I have time. If you have any specific places or idea’s feel free to list them and i will see what I can do.

Thank you ever so much, I don’t know how you can find things that I can’t, but I appreciate it all the same. I Know I need City on fire, the fire can be added after, but a steampunk city, and a second floor to that tavern.

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though I can use indefinite steampunk towns and cities.

It’s really annoying that everything seems to be classified into either fantasy, modern, or sci-fi, which steampunk categorically can not fit into, so finding things that actually work, i find, at least, seems incredibly difficult.

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city on fire
finding a grid for a city will be next to impossible. but i may find better art work.

some city photos

another town

It’s old and from a bit of an angle but you could get images from the computer game arcanum

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that was a fun game.

flying ship
steam punk tile making from black magic
world map

well there is some more for now. Steam punk stuff is a bit hard to find grided lol

some cool air ship nongrid plans

for your needed air ship race…
race poster

Thanks! I guess there will be an air ship race now!?

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lol, not sure ill find much more. Ill keep my eyes open though.

A airship race sounds cool!! :exploding_head:

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you should have one on you floating island game too @Cubedwarrior

I could totally work that in with a reward of alchemical fuel or something :+1:

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