GM Looking for Roll20 Players

Hi all, I’m in the process of writing a Fantastical Steampunk Campaign, set in neutral territory in the middle of a vast continental war, think Switzerland in WWII type of thing, only one side of the war is hungry for the resources this bystander has available, and those on the boarder are being evacuated, that is where the campaign starts. I’m trying to keep the story as vague as possible as I tend to throw in world building with character creation to a certain extent as I think it’s cool for players to experience something in a campaign and think “Hey, that was my Idea,” And people are always going to feel more invested in something that they had a hand in creating. I’ve got written chapter 1 to the extent that I want to without the players input, which take a good few sessions, during witch i can keep writing, and now i’m just tangenting so I’m going to move on before you alt+tab.

About Applying

I’m not particularly interested in your Character, a general archtype would probably be a nice thing to include, but don’t feel the need to go into any real depth, if for no other reason than an amount of it will ineveitabley change as the world and other characters are built. I am more interested in you, both your experience with rpg’s and specificaly OpenLegend alike; and just the sort of player you are.

About Me

First things first, I’m 16, if that’s a problem, please don’t apply, I have no problems playing with anyone that i can get along with. I have quite a lot of time on my hands, so I am relatively flex able with time slots, but it will probably go on for 3-4 hours, aiming for 3, but I have really bad at self discipline, so unless someone needs to get off sharp, it will likely be closer to 3. Tangantening aside, please give a rough idea of what times you can do, ideally translated into BST (British Summer Time) because i am really bad with time zones.

Do ask if there is anything else you want/need to know please do ask, I apologise if I don’t get back for a couple of days or so, I will be away for the majority of the coming week, and may or may not have the time to reply, but I will try, after that however I am pretty much free to nerd out all you like, Thanks!

Edit: I’m not sure how many players I want/need yet, probably in the region of 4/6.


Name: Bram C.
Age: 18
Experience: I have played tabletops at varying levels for 10 years. A few favourites will always be Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu. I have also played lots of D&D(2nd Ed., 4th Ed., and 5th Ed.) and recently have been playing more Savage Worlds. I have some experience with Open Legend but I am still learning the game.
Preferences: I would love to play on Mondays, 3-5 PM BST, 10AM-Noon EST.
Basic Character Ideas: A few for a Steampunk game. I always love to play gunslingers(as do many people), I think I would prefer to play more of the Face though. The charismatic character who communicates on behalf of the party. Another great archetype is the engineer in the Steampunk world. Any of these would be fun, I can be flexible based on the party and it’s needs.


Name: Jake L.

Age: 18

Experience: My First Tabletop experience was playing with a D&D 5E group for almost exactly a year up until it disbanded roughly a month ago, and since then I’ve been meeting up bi-weekly at the local game store for some drop in games to hold me over (still 5E). I’ve taken this new freedom to to branch out into the OL system, as i have been following it for some time now (6 months maybe?), but i’ve never actually played with it as my group was uninterested in the system when I introduced it to them.

Scheduling: I could probably play at the time slot @OctothorpGeek Mentioned (3-5 PM BST, 10 AM-Noon EST) but i currently work so i’d have to do some finagling there. I’m am guaranteed available all day Wednesdays and Saturdays, though i do have to sleep so the actual play time would have to start no earlier 2 PM BST, 9 AM EST, at the earliest and end no later than 3 AM BST, 10 PM EST, at the latest. I can also do Tue after 11:30 PM BST, 6:30 PM my time.
TL/DR: I’m available Wed or Sat 2PM-3AM BST, or Tue after 11:30 PM BST, other times can be discussed b/c I work.

Character: I have this horrible habit of immediately creating a backstory for any character I create, which is not a bad habit to have, but since I know next to nothing about the setting, i’ll to my best to keep it to a character concept. Also, I’ve never really thought to much about playing an RPG in a steampunk setting, so that’s new for me. Just a ramble-y side-note (see, I do it too!).

I envision my character as a soldier-type guy, someone who has recently been discharged from service (honorably, of course… probably… hopefully…) and is used to a tough and rugged, but structured and strict way of life; one where his life was following orders and obeying rules. Maybe he’s seen some messed up stuff, maybe he’s even done some messed up stuff, but that would be getting farther into background that I think you’d like at this point. I envision someone who very much a man of action rather than words and holds the safety of his compatriots in higher regard than his own, much like a stoic father figure, but might also has some darker experiences he’d rather forget.

Note: I’ve never used Roll20 before (though I have made an account) and while I’ve heard it’s easy and intuitive to understand, and I’m confident I can figure it out, I thought it would be unfair of me not to mention my inexperience there.

Edit: Formatting, also Roll20 Experience


Name: Tom L.

Age: 24

Experience: I’ve played the mainstays such as D&D, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun though I’ve started gravitating towards more unique RPGs such as Degenesis, Scion, and Eclipse Phase. I’ve tried my hand at GMing OL but the group fell through unfortunately.

Availability: I’m free from any day and time after 5pm BST.

About Me: I typically see RPGs as a cooperative environment where everyone’s character has a chance to have their time in the spotlight. I typically enjoy games that engage the character’s personalities.


Name Caden.b
Age: 14

I’ve been playing d&d 5e for about 2 years I’ve been playing an Rpg no one knows about for about 5 years now its called Akyria and I do a bit of gmining in open legends specifically this would be my first actually game but I have a good understanding of the rules due to unsucefully trying to convince my friends to play this instead of video games

Im free for summer at least any day besides Sunday and wensday 3 through 9 one summer hit its be more like 4 through 9 if it goes that long

Me: As a person I am very energic and a bit of a jokester but I love tabletop rpgs and the characters created its just great to see all the different concepts and ideas and just to see what the character can do I still think getting to the moon in d&d using magic was a great if overcomplicated plan

My character: my character concept really falls into the trickster archetype probably fun loving but maybe hiding some scars but he follow where his mind takes him and probably has adhd and that’s the generally gist when I hear about the world in more detail I’ll start throwing in all the little pieces and backstory’s

Ps: How advanced is the steampunk technology are they at the point where say you could have a steampunk cyborg or maybe just a steampunk leg?


So, the game will take place from 5pm BST to 8-9PM BST on a Saturdy, which I think works best for as many people as possible, if anyone can’t do that, please say something.

Awesome! What day will we be starting?

Can everyone that can make it DM me their Roll20 Usernames, please.

Posted my application on roll20’s applications board. Looking foreward to a reply, an hopefully to be a player for once :smiley: And the posted time is perfect for me.

Sorry, I’m going to make this easier on myself, Can those of you still interested in playing say something here So I can see exactly how many people I’ve got that want to play and whether or not I can squeeze everyone in, thank you.

Name: Devin H
Experience: I have played since dnd 5e and I got some experience in open legend. Learning new things every day.
Preferenses: I can do anytime or any day as long as no emergencys come up
Basic Character ideas: I am a fan of full on summoners. Whether it is a necromancer summoning multiple skeletons,A druid summon wildlife or having a bear companion. Or a mechanic in a steampunk world controlling drones or a mech. I can also build architypes around what a party needs as long as I get a day ahead of time/