Getting Creative With Character Sheets

Anyone else like to do something special with their character sheets that’s specific to said character?

For example, I have one character who A: has a deep commitment to purple, B: changed their name, and C: was heavily depowered in their backstory. So, I had their perks, flaws, and feats from before their fall listed out in black, and then crossed out and replaced with new ones using purple. Then, each instance where their name had been referenced, crossed out and corrected, still in purple. Even added a few comments here and there, too.

It was like they were “updating” their own character sheet.

Another example would be writing in a verbal tic your character has, or if your character is an artist, perhaps a couple doodles would pop up.

Something that makes it feel like the character the sheet is for did something to it, without getting in the way of it being a character sheet.


We used to have the house rule that you had to draw your character and that’s how you looked, most of us were rubbish at drawing so usually the most epic part was how bad they looked.

After getting into online RPG with open legend and to be frank it’s rather new to me to have to find pictures of my character for tokens and character sheet


Yea I lack drawing skills so I never drew my characters.