Gauging Interest: Homebrew available in HeroMuster Tools

Hi all, long time no talk… my toddler, my love for my wife, and a full-time job doesn’t afford me much free time.

Anyway, getting to the point. Thanks to a user, Julian, who emailed me in March with an idea, I’ve been toying with the idea of Homebrew content being visible within HeroMuster’s Open Legend tools.

Currently, this is SUPER early. It’s using a .yml file in the same format as the official feats.yml file, labeled on my test server to be for my account, then combining it with official feats, re-sorting it by name, then outputting it to the page.

Loooooong term, it would be a feature where paid subscribers to [Encounters]( could add their homebrew feats, boons, banes, perks, and flaws, share a link so that anyone could view their homebrew + official on the site and even use them in the character builder (think openlegend.herom…/character?homebrew=great_mustache).

QUESTION: Would this be valuable to you as a current subscriber or be valuable enough to subscribe in the future? For reference, subscriptions are $2/month or as low as $12.99 for a year.
In your response, please specify if you are or are not a current subscriber.


Current Subscriber.

Would be interested in this existing for sure.

I think it adds value to being a subscriber, or those not as interested in the encounter part, having this as an option.

Not currently a sub, I’d actually probalby use this feature as long as there is like a 1 click list where you can choose who’s homebrew you want to activate or deactivate for the current character, soo having a list somewhere with a box where you can say “I want GM’s homebrew but not X’s and I want Y’s homebrew boons but not his feats.”

As a DM who has dabbled in homebrew and who’s player all use HM, it might make me subscribe if i can share my stuff with them on HM


Agreed completely with what @Takumi said: Would Love such a feature, especially if can be set and would subscribe for that.

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Just a clarification I realized I hadn’t made:

Subscription required to CREATE, EDIT, and SHARE homebrew content, but not required to consume it. In other words, a GM would subscribe to create the extras for their world, but their players (or their customers in a paid module) would be able to access that content without a subscription (or even an account, just like the current builder).

I think it’s reasonable to ask those creating to maintain an active subscription (especially at $12.99/year) if they want to actively keep that content available for others through the built-in features of the site. If you disagree with this sentiment, let me know.


That’s how I understood it and I find that perfectly reasonable.

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Current subscriber. Would love to use it.

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Not a current subscriber.

Yeah, sounds reasonable, but it sounds like only GMs or hard core content creators would choose to subscribe.

If I was running a game and I wanted my players to have easy access to my homebrew stuff, this would be really appealing.

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