Fusion in Open Legend (WIP)

I’m working on a way to simulate fusion between characters in Open Legend. @SamWilby suggested to make each fusion form a vehicle using the Multi-Pilot vehicle rule.

I’m trying to stat up the Valor Form from Kingdom Hearts, a melee-focused fusion between Sora and Goofy. Is this balanced?

Valor Form:

WL: 4

Speed: 35’

Properties: Multipilot 2

Attributes: Might 4, Agility 5

Feats: Multi-Target Attack Specialist (Melee) II

HP: 28

DT: 2

Guard: 15
Toughness: 15
Resolve: 18

Looks good to me, I’m wondering if it dies does the people take any damage or is it pure buffer? (Idk the original game you know) maybe you could classy in something else that makes it so they get a different penalty.

But the stats don’t look overturned to me, to some extent something a level 1 character could be except it gets 2 rounds because of the multipilot


@Frank In the game, if the Drive Form’s hp reaches zero, they die. I’d probably change this to make it a bit more anime, like hitting them with Banes such as “Fatigue”, “Sickened” or “Slowed”, thereby implying the forced de-fusion has repercussions on the character’s vitality. Just food for thought. :smiley:

@Crichax The Vehicle Rules you mentioned. Where can I find these, because I am currently playing in a game where my character has a Ghost-Companion (Companion Feat) and I was looking for a rule or something along those lines that would let the Host and Ghost combine. This “Multi-Pilot” rule, from the way you describe it, sounds like exactly what I am looking for.

Regarding the stats, I think they look pretty good, assuming they are for a lvl1 character. The HP is adding both Sora and Goofy’s together, right?
Your guard is off, though. Strength 5 and Agility 4 would give you a natural guard of 19.

Chapter 9, special equipment, very bottom is vehicles

Vehicles don’t have to follow the same rules for HP and Defense

Makes sense, though in this case, I would treat the “vehicle” like a normal character when calculating stats, as the fusion will function like an ability the player can opt to use in a combat encounter. Up to what the player wants and DM allows though, obviously.

The increased HP pool would make it possible to run with lower guard, but then I wouldn’t have the characters die when the fusion reaches zero. Instead:

Then again, if you want to flavor it similar to the game, you might consider the drive form actually having the same HP as Sora and higher guard, because it’s implied that the fusion increases Sora’s combat prowess, therefore increasing his awareness of the flow of combat and his surroundings. Battle Trance might work as a automatic Feat when entering Valor Form.

Note: I don’t want to break the Form, even though it might sound like it, I’m simply trying to flavor it similarly to the game using the rules and abilities provided by OL. :smiley:

Also, thanks for the Vehicle rules. Depending on my DM, this might be EXACTLY what I was looking for!:heart_eyes:

How do I balance the stats of vehicles if they don’t follow the normal rules for HP and Defense?

it’s meant to be what makes sense for a given setting or game. So the GM should know what would be balanced.

You’d balance it the same way you make an NPC, there aren’t rules for how many attribute points or feat points to give a quick build NPC either.

What you are doing isn’t really a vehicle though, so it is a different territory altogether.

I have, for my space setting, actually created rules and costs for building a vehicle, but it is based on WL and upgrading ships, so wouldn’t really work here.

You could do what I did in another game, where 2 players wanted to play a character that had 1 body but 2 heads.

I had each of them build as if they were a Teir 3 Companion for their Attributes, and 3 less feat points.

Then we looked at their combined stats and took the highest of the HP, Defenses for the actually “body” as far as for when it got attacked and such. Both took the damage, and both took the banes, but that was the trade off. They each could move it on their turn, and then take their actions based on their “companion” build.

Not sure that would work here either, b/c it’s more about making a new form that is specific to something.

I’d probably just do a normal character build for the fusion form, and on their turns, both of them can do things with it.