[FULL] Weekend Games Roll20

Hi! I’m sick and tired of waiting to play a game, so I decided to run one. This weekend (12/22-12/24), and maybe more weekends, I am going to run a game on Roll20. All you need to do to play is tell me you’re interested, and also your available times with your timezone. Hope to see you around!


i’m in blackbird

i’m available all day unless something comes up:mantelpiece_clock:

Thats cool, I’ll add you and send you the like after I make the game

I am so up for it. GMT is my timezone and im available on Saturdays from like 3-5pm

Can I join as well? That’s if your still looking for people

Absolutely! I will add you. I haven’t yet made the game since my computer is in the shop tho

Hey! You wrote on my post just a moment ago and I would certainly be interested to join!

Sorry for the wait! I am almost all the way done with the maps and the story plan. I might be able to run the game this weekend. Please have a character ready

hay you still haven’t said what type of game it is that’s important for characters