[FULL] The Lustrum: Players Wanted

The Lustrum

The Keystone of the Asiga Corporate Authority has lost all communications with an entire Orbital Fleet that has been patrolling the outskirts of the Asiga System.

The R. F. Fletching was a swift reconnaissance vessel with orders to locate the missing fleet and restore its communications systems. The vessel was en route to the last known location of the O. F. Ancillary, the flagship of the missing Orbital Fleet. The vessel’s first stop was the signal booster right outside of the asteroid belt of the Asiga system, which appeared to be operating at full capacity.

As the ship flew out past the asteroid belt, it suddenly lost all power. The last thing you remember before the Fletching crashed was what you saw out of the window: a giant circular gap in the stars, growing bigger and bigger as the ship drew closer.

You awoke in the care of some of the surviving medical professionals on a bizarre landscape…


This is a Play-By-Post campaign, ran on our Discord server.


This campaign is Sci-Fi, with elements of adventure, mystery, and horror.


I post something every Monday - Thursday after 5 pm CST (UTC -6). I’m asking my players to respond between my posts when they can. Diligent participation is a requirement.

If You’re Interested

You can message me here at the Community site, or on Discord. My tag is Brycelor#1693.


Do you allow spectators? :slight_smile: I have never done play-by-post and am interested to see how it works (or maybe there are other examples or games that one can check out?)


In fact, there IS a Play-By-Post where you can be a spectator!
It’s a crazy war between The Coffee Lich and the Tea Council, ran by @Vrenshrrg! Anyone can come in and roleplay as a person in his coffee shop, or just sit back and read the posts in the other channels.
Here’s a link: