Found this for new options for 'mages'

Browsing through my Google drive folder, I stumbled across this gem that someone has done to do with using extraordinary attributes with mundane weapons


I think that person didn’t understand armor in Open Legend, and a few other things as well, but some interesting things in there.

Haven’t had a chance to read through it throughly, but skimming it was interesting. I think a few things have been done similarly to it by others here and there on this site and in discord.

yeah, I think I found it on the old site (Mightybell) and was mainly looking at the extraordinary attribute type for weapons. Because why would a sword mage who has energy want to a plain ol sword, when they can make one that can channel fire :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, the original creator of this stuff was me. This was made at a time before we had the extraordinary item rules and Summon Creature boon, hence why I also posted a “Summoner” feat with these. That being said, the extraordinary item rules all but outclass these completely, so I’d just use them for mage staffs and the like. However, if you want wealth level 2 mage staffs for your spellcasters to start with, I’d just refluff regular ranged weapons, possibly changing the boons and banes from things like persistent damage to stunned. Mundane magic staffs being agility-based still can work fluff-wise since the mage would still have to aim the staff, and the precision damage could just be that your shooting a sharp missile/bolt of magic energy. As an example of this, a wealth level 2 non-extraordinary mage staff could look like this…

Apprentice’s Staff
Type: Short Ranged
Properties: Precise
Banes: Stunned, Forced Move
Wealth Level: 2

For a priest/white mage’s style staff, I talked about it in the discord and we came up with this. It essentually lets the white mage/priest get the defensive property with the protection attribute, but at the cost of not getting the +1 guard from defensive. All the staff agreed that this would be a balanced trade-off, which resulted in this, along with a new property to give the effect above…

Acolyte’s Staff
Range: Short Ranged
Properties: Precise, Protecting 1 (When you use the defend interrupt with the protection attribute, you gain advantage 1 on the defend action roll if your holding this weapon and the target of your defend interrupt action is within the weapon’s range.) [Wealth level adjustment +1]
Banes: Immobile, Forced Move
Wealth Level: 2

With both those, you have something for both your attack mages and your priestly or more support-focused mages. Hope that helps! For bigger/flashier mage staffs, the extraordinary item rules really work the best.

Conversly, for a sword that channels fire, I think this would be a fitting weapon property to help achieve that…

Extraordinary Focus (Attribute): This weapon can be used to make attacks with the listed extraordinary attribute (If applicable) and invoke banes accessible via that attribute. A weapon may have Extraordinary Focus instead of either Forceful and Precise, and weapons with Extraordinary Focus do not need to also have forceful or precise, however, if a weapon starts with Extraordinary Focus instead of Forceful or Precise, it’s base wealth level is 2 instead of 1.

Property Wealth Level Adjustment: +1

Advice on the balance of this property would be most appreciated, as it may be too OP as it stands.

So, for your sword, it would be something like…

Arcane Duelist’s Rapier
Type: One-Handed Melee
Properties: Precise, Extraordinary Focus (Energy)
Banes: Persistent Damage, Disarmed
Wealth: 2

or if your more might-based…

Mage Knight’s Greatsword
Type: Two-Handed Melee
Properties: Heavy, Forceful, Extraordinary Focus (Energy)
Banes: Persistent Damage, Knocked Down
Wealth: 2

Some other weapons could be…

Warmage’s Staff
Type: Short Ranged
Properties: Extraordinary Focus (Energy)
Banes: Stunned, Persistent Damage
Wealth: 2

Necromancer’s Scythe
Type: Short Ranged
Properties: Heavy, Slow, Extraordinary Focus (Entropy), Extraordinary Focus (Influence)
Banes: Sickened, Dominated
Wealth: 2

Cleric’s Mace
Type: One-Handed Melee
Properties: Forceful, Extraordinary Focus (Creation)
Banes: Blinded, Forced Move
Wealth: 2

Enchanter’s Staff
Type: Short Ranged
Properties: Extraordinary Focus (Influence)
Banes: Charmed, Dominated
Wealth: 2

Healer’s Staff
Type: Short Ranged
Properties: Heavy, Slow, Extraordinary Focus (Creation), Protecting 1
Banes: Blinded, Fear
Wealth: 2


I remember that doc from the mightybell days lol

I just want to understand a little better.

The purpose of these items is (as you mentioned in Discord), to allow a player to channel their Fire through a sword? (and of course other variations from that).

The thing they are gaining from the weapon is what? The ability to do banes they might not normally have?

Just wanting to understand the purpose more clearly. :smile:

Kinda yeah, was thinking about as a mage (this is just theory) that if you want to wield a flame sword using your energy attribute, you get better access to banes if you use a longsword with agility or might)

Yeah, Brycelor said that the property as it stands now above is not too broken, though I still am not sure if the allowing attacks with the attribute as they suggested is too broken and whether I should limit it to banes only or not. Thoughts would be appreciated!

I’ll be running a one shot soon, I’ll make sure one of the players plays a fire mage that uses a ‘fire sword’ :grin:

Thanks, the playtest is appreciated

I will say, the reason that weapons grant that little bonus to banes for might and agility is to help balance out the greater versatility that extraordinary attributes already have.

Not to say you shouldn’t do this, or that it is a bad idea, just wanted to put that out there.

I’ll post some more thoughts and ideas later, been working for the last week in a half… maybe 2 weeks in my bro-in-law attic, so haven’t had a chance to rest at all, but today… should… finally… be the last day… it really… really… should…

My concern is balance as well. Magic users already have a big advantage when it comes to bane and boon application, along with not having any penalty for armor in the core system or opportunity attacks for spellcasting.
That being said: if you are playing a game where all players are playing a mage of some sort, I can’t see the harm in allowing a new arsenal to customize the characters. If you aren’t worried about balancing against martial characters, might as well live it up