[ForSale] Deck of Cards: Initiative and Bane Tracking

Born out of my own mind (and a failed Kickstarter), this deck of 36 cards ($11.99 + $3 shipping in the US) is a compact way to track the initiative of up to 13 players or NPCs as well as track which characters are under the effect of which banes, simply by stacking the appropriate card under their initiative.

http://turncards.heromuster.com/ (may redirect to theGameCrafter.com)

The deck is built to support Open Legend, 5th Edition D&D, and Savage Worlds. It contains at least 4 copies of each condition/bane card. More images at the link above.


Hmmmm… interesting. I honestly had never actually thought about this until right now, but I suppose you have a special position amongst the Open Legend family, @ucffool.

For the sake of posterity, I just want to point out for others who read this that we will probably take down most advertisements.

Very unusual position I’m in, I could move this to a category called “3rd Party Marketplace” or something like that, but I don’t really know if I want to encourage the use of the community site as a marketplace.

I’ll let it stand since you’ve put in alot of work to help the community, but let’s just try not to make listing paid products a regular thing on here. I honestly don’t even know how I want to handle this long-term.

I 100% hear you, thus why I put [ForSale] in the title. I put it up just because it did exist on MB and in Discord, but it definitely needs a secondary marker (or separate category). There are other folks who will be creating modules and I can see them wanting to tell people about them, but not step on toes, so it’ll come up eventually.

Also, I appreciate being special in a non-short-bus sort of way, but on principle alone and for the integrity of the community as a whole, make a call and make sure I abide by it, whether for deletion or repositioning.


Sure thing, I appreciate your help. I just wanted others to know that it’s a special privilege not extended to everyone.

As far as the long-term plan for paid products, I’d rather wait to make a decision and just leave this as an outlier for now.

Having this here creates an interesting phenomenon insofar as other people may see and ask to list their products. I’m actually interested to see what the frequency of that request will be and whether or not there’s value in giving it an outlet. So I’ll wait and see.

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