Foresight (Prescience) Boon

I’m trying to build a prescient might-based defender type, someone who excels at blocking attacks because he literally sees them coming.
For that purpose, I’d like to get the community’s opinion on this homebrew boon:


You are able to predict the movements of your enemies by peering moments into
the future or by studying every muscle movement, making it easier to dodge or
block their attacks.

Invocation Time
1 Major Action

Power Level
3 -> 6 -> 8

Perception, Prescience

You gain advantage on defense action determined by the power level of this boon:

  • Power level 3: advantage 1
  • Power level 6: advantage 2
  • Power level 8: advantage 3

What do you think? Does this seem balanced to you? Any suggestions?

Seems to me like this could be achieved with either the Defensive Reflexes feat, or the Bolster boon. In fact, this “homebrew” boon is exactly Bolster in its current form, except limited to a single action type rather than a single attribute chosen on invocation.


Whelps, that solves my issue, many thanks!


I just noticed that you had Perception as a prerequisite, which is a key difference. You can just add Perception to Bolster if you want, provided you stick to the overarching OL rules that the case you’re using it for has to make sense; you could use Perception to boost Defend by seeing attacks coming, or attacks by spotting weak points, but you couldn’t Bolster an ally trying to lift a boulder.

Of course, the limiting of abilities to preserve logic in the system is one of the best parts of OL