Focus action question

I just had a quick question on the topic of a focus action i have a feeling it will likly be resolved quickly, but wanted to be sure

So focus action states that you may take a focus action to use a supirior action and gain advantage 1 which makes sense focusing you energy on a single action would allow for better use

How ever a boon like summon creature requires a focus action to invoke

As your not chousing to give up your actions i assume you would not get the advantage 1 that would normally be accociated with the use of a focus action ??

Or am i mistaken any response would be apriciated

That’s how my group has interpreted it as well, Think it makes the most sense :slight_smile:

I thought so too thankyou

Yep, you are correct.

Focus Action to get an advantage is specifically a Superior Action, if you already need to use a Focus just to do the action at all, you can’t do it as a Superior Action.

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