Fleet of Foot: house ruled cost of 1

Not a big change, most of the people I play with are aggressive min-maxers and they convinced me fleet of foot is overpriced. Admittedly, I kind of thought so beforehand as well.

Question is, if I reduce the cost from 2 feat points to 1, will I be making a huge mistake? I know this means that for a speed of 45’ you only need 3 feat points but with the existing prerequisites, it seemed fair to me that someone with a movement of 6 of the bat could easily move at 45’.

If I would be making a huge mistake, how would some of you rule the fleet of foot feat to become more appealing to game breakers without actually breaking the game XD

*edited ‘movement of 7’ to ‘movement of 6’

A person, in the present Core Rules, can move at 50’ with Movement of 6. See Haste.

Moving on the battlefield is actually a pretty big thing. It can make the difference between you being able to get to a target and attack as normal or with disadvantage 1 (see Focus Action: Charge).

So you are comparing it, essentially, to something that could possibly give you advantage, which can be pretty big. And here’s another way you know it is priced well, your players really want the Feat, but they aren’t choosing to get it b/c it costs the 2. So they are having to make a decision between it and another feat. Now, if it is just a cost of 1, suddenly it is an easy buy that they definitely get. To me, that tells even more it probably is at the right price.

Now, it is your campaign, so if you want to give them more, you can, but feat points are the most expensive currency in the system, so you are giving them more feat points to play with in this case.

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That’s a good point and why I came to the forum. I wanted to know how much of an impact on the game it would actually have, and with how you’ve described it, it sounds like the impact is more than I first thought. I’ll probably keep the RAW then for the game. Thanks for the reply!

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