Finding Feats and reason for upgrading weapons

I have two players, one is interested more in story, the other in combat with some interest in story, but both have zero interest in finding their characters feats in the feats page to the point of skipping them entirely. Is there some way to streamline the feats prossess? There are just to many feats for them to want to look through, and I can’t say I want to search the feats tab for ones they would like. Is the game majorly affected by not having feats?

Also on a side note, is there a difference in melee weapons beyond one hand, two hand and versatile? Some kind of stat or damage change or is there no reason to change weapons unless yours breaks.

Thanks in advance for your answers to the questions!

i don’t know about the feats but for weapons, magic weapons can have stats that can be use to attack instead of the players stats as well as having special use of banes.

so if you want to give players a better weapon give them a sword (or other) with a stat that’s higher then the players allowing them to roll more dice.

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Regarding the feats, you might try seeing if there are any special abilities in their character concepts that they haven’t found mechanics for. Example: if one player thinks their character should be able to fly, have them take the Flying feat. Same can easily go for swimming or climbing. In addition, if you only have two players, you might ask if one of them is interested in the Companion feat to balance out the party.

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Different weapons are more effective at inflicting banes than others, so that is a key thing to consider. In addition, you can get them to have properties from Extraordinary Crafting, some include Deadly, which gives additional advantage to attacks.

Feats are actually pretty big. They are what can change encounters, combat or non-compete.

There are quite a few feats, but feats are what make your character a character. The are also used to explain/establish races for some campaigns.

Honestly, compared to all the choices there are in classes in other games, there really aren’t that many feats. There are some that require pre-requisite, and if you use the heromuster opened character builder, you can view just the feats you are eligible for based on your Attributes, etc.

When making an encounter, the feats that the NPC have are what will really determine if the encounter is easy or challenging, so likewise, characters without feats will be hard.

Now, you could start them out without feats, allow them to play and figure out their character and then pick feats after that.

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So pretty much having a desired effect in mind and then find a matching feat might be a good way to go for awhile? Do you know of any fun ranger/caster like or roguish feats I could suggest? One is playing a ranger and is going to find a druid to train him in magic and the other is a vampire hunter.

Right now they’re going to hold on to their new feat points until they find one they want. So waiting until they have some kind of ability they want and finding a feat that would help them do that will work.

One of them did pick up the companion feat at creation and his wolf has saved them numerous times already :slight_smile:

maybe Lethal Strike, Master Tracker, Fast Tracker and Alternate Form for the ranger
and Sworn Enemy and attack/energy Specialization for the vampire hunter


These are awesome! Thank you so much!