Final Fantasy Open Legend

Anybody tried their hand at making a FF style Open Legend game? Could do with some inspiration.

Please and thank you.

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I have a setting based around FF and other old school jrpgs.
The most important thing about FF is having the theme of 4 elemental crystals and some sort of imbalence and one vilain that somehow is responsible for al of it through some plan to become a god.
The players should take inspiration from the classic FF classes and limit themselves around those abilities (as all PC should do to fit the idea of the character) .
The ennemies are very rarely humans, most of them are beasts and mythological creatures, the only sentien humans are often guards (when the evil guy is the king for example) or cultist (in which case you fight against zombies or ghouls) human ennemies are often generals or big story bosses.
There are a lot of different FF games so I couldn’t really give you tips that apply to all of them, if you want more specific tips feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Here is another insightful answer from NotSolidSnake from the Discord:

I’ve ran a campaign using a setting similar to most FF settings. Anachronistic fantasy where spells and swords exists alongside guns and techs

Probably my tip as a GM is to make your magic system somewhere between hard and soft. Have a concrete source of your magic, but keep it open as how each player use it for their powers. Also keep out on players trying to get all magic abilities and ending up with a character that is too spread out and weak (edited)

Next one is let your players channel their inner otaku/weeb/chuuni side. Let them come up with attack names, and let them do over-the-top actions and narration with their characters

Also establish mcguffins/goals, and establish it fast. Gather/destroy 4 element crystals, defeat 4 evil lords, destroy 4 reactors, etc

Oh and since early final fantasy leans hard on classes/jobs, you might need to explain to your newbie players that open legend has no classes and you are free to invent any archetype you want. To smooth out the process you can create some example statblocks for those FF jobs.

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