Feedback on the convention, Taipei, Nov 25

First of all, the Nov 25th Taipei convention got a over-all success on letting people know a little more about the system, thanks to Kales of “TRPG Convention in Taipei” ( and Mysbox, who helped in every way to make OL fantastic.

So, the greatest issue, of course, is the language barrier.
Two of the players have pretty good English skills, considering it’s not their native language, still have troubles with some of the wordings. I’ve tried to translate the feats so there would be less problem, but still takes lots of time.

The second one is on translating feats I haven’t move onto Banes and Boons yet). It’s more of a cultural thing.
Since there’s not a fixed world setting (which I loved), there are not many terms already exist that I can reference, like “Battlefield Opportunist”, it’s easier to say what it does, than actually come up with a name that they know what it does with only looking at the terms, like most of the feats does in English.

But we loved it after all.
With this experience I’m coming up with more questions, like air combat, but will get to that later in another topic.


I would love to add your translations to the HeroMuster character builder/sheet, if you are willing to add them. I’ve added Chinese (Traditional) as a translation option:

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I’m totally fine with that idea; however I’m traveling to Japan for a week tomorrow, and there are still some terms that I don’t think I’ve found the perfect match yet (you know how google translator could be “slightly” off). The common ones would be easy, but the others I may have to wait till I host more games to find out which terms in Chinese matches better.

No rush at all. When you’re ready to do so, run through that link and then post here (or message me directly) and I’ll get it loaded on the page.