Feats while shapeshifted

So, I’m making a character whose primary purpose is to Shapeshift into others. Do I keep my own feats while shapeshifted and do I get the feats of the one I am shapeshifted into?

100% up to the GM and the world/setting you are in. Whether the GM feels it is too powerful, etc etc.

The things you can shapeshift into are up to the GM to begin with, and what feats they may or may not have.

A lot GMs I have heard talk about it generally don’t, in that you don’t get the feats of what you change into.

For me, it just depends on what makes sense for the narrative and the moment overall. The physical changes are a pretty big boost already, and if you got all the feats, it could easily turn into a more powerful version of Alternate Form feat, which would take away from players going that build. I think that is the biggest reasons given usually for not getting the feats.

Perhaps getting a few of the feats could make sense though. Again, hugely dependent on the setting/campaign/world, the players you are with, and the GM. No one fit answer for this one.

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The important ones that make sense are already covered under the movement speeds you gain, I could see something like Two-Weapon Brute for a four-armed form or maybe Battle Trance for a hog or something.

If I allowed it as a GM, I’d never grant purely numerical Feats such as Natural Defense, Tough as Nails, Attack and Skill Specialization or very complex and specific ones such as Craft Mundane/Extraordinary Item or Martial/Extraordinary Focus.
Things to consider are a single Bane or Boon Focus maybe, or even Battlefield Retribution if your form has spikes or another type of active defense.


So, I’m getting thoughts on gaining feats through Shapeshift, but how do you feel about players keeping their own feats they spent points on while shapeshifted, if they get none of the new form?

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it’s a case by case basis. There is no clear and cut answer. Depends too largely on the world, and then what feats they actually have and if it makes sense.

You can certainly do that, as has already been mentioned I believe.

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