[Feats] Multiple Grapple Feats

The intent of these feats is to give might focused characters some more distinctive options unavailable to other attributes, and to make grappling a more fun and potent play style.

For clarification : Grappling refers to the immobile bane when invoked through the might attribute.

Cost : 3

Grappling an enemy enables the following :
*1 advantage on attacks made against the grappled target
*Irish whip : forced move range is doubled for this creature.
*Choke hold : Bane attack -> Fatigue, but using might.
*A new immobile attack roll is no longer required to move around with the target.

[Improvised shield]
Cost : 3

You can use a grappled enemy as shield. When you make a defend action and your roll exceeds the attacker’s action roll, you can redirect the damage to the grappled enemy. Resistances still apply.

[Very improvised weapon]
Cost : 3

You can use a grappled creature to make damaging attacks. This can be either a melee attack or a ranged attack up to the maximum allowed by forced move. Make an attack roll as normal, If the roll is higher than the grappled creature’s guard, the attack will be handled as normal, but will also damage the grappled creature. If the roll is not high enough, the creature will be released on the spot as if it resisted the immobile bane.


I think these are hilarious and a lot of fun!
If it were me, I’d allow a player to attempt any of these things while grappling, without them needing feat points.

These are great! Just some minor things:

The new Immobile Attack when moving the target is to prevent just throwing people off a cliff without them having any further chance. I’d use another Advantage in addition to the first one instead personally.

Improvised Shield looks a lot like Attack Redirection. Maybe just make Wrestler an alternative Prerequisite for that Feat instead.

Also Wrestler should probably be a Prerequisite for Very Improvised Weapon.

I think I’ll be using these in my games!

You bring up a couple of good points, I’ll try to address them.

The reason for removing the roll required for moving is action economy. Wrestlers very often move around with their opponents to set up attacks (something that I wanted to make some feats for as well). Ideally, a wrestler would want to have an enemy grappled most of the time. Having movement require a major action severely handicaps a grapple based character. I don’t consider dropping an enemy off a cliff to be much of an issue for the following reasons :

  • The grappler puts himself at risk since he’d need to be at the edge of the cliff to do so.
  • Forced move can do that too.
  • You can come up with some rolls for the enemy to resist falling down.
  • If this is being abused, you may have too many cliffs in your game :stuck_out_tongue:

Improvised shield does look a lot like Attack redirection at first glance. I noticed that when I was writing the feat down, so I double checked on attack redirection and noticed there were a couple of key differences that I think makes this notably different. The main difference is, Attack redirection doesn’t work on ranged attacks. Attack redirection also requires defensive reflexes, which is an Agility based feat. I consider requiring a grappled enemy a good enough trade-of to have it work on ranged attacks.

I did intend on having the feats require the Wrestler feat. But I forgot to add that. People can decide that for themselves though :slight_smile:

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What gave you that idea? Attack Redirection even has a special clause in it that only activates if its a melee attack, which wouldn’t be required if it was meant for melee attacks in the first place.

When you make a defend action and your roll exceeds the attacker’s action roll, you can choose to redirect the attack to a target that is neither you, nor the attacker. The original attack roll does not change, only the target. If the attack was a melee attack, you can redirect it to anyone within 5’ of you (as opposed to within 5’ of the attacker).

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I would say that you should treat it as a focus action (similar to charge in a way) just without the advantage (or int he case of charge disadvantage).

Being someone who is a Martial Artist, and a practictionar of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, moving an opponent with you is not as simple as regular moving. Now if you are wanting to do something with them after moving a bit, sure, so make it a type of Focus action that wrestlers can do.

Move them and do a Major action, but you don’t gain advantage 1 to the action. It might should even impose disadvantage like the charge action actually, which would make sense honestly.

NOW, of course, fi you are making this specifically for a WWE type of wrestling, well, there opponents help the attacker out, so for that, sure. But you should probably make specific feats/moves for that campaign.

:open_mouth: I guess I’ve always understood that clause incorrectly. I always thought it meant you can only redirect it if it was a melee attack.

In that case, homebrewing that feat to have Wrestler as alternative requirement would work.

The intent of these feats is to make grappling feel potent and heroic.
Heroic is in my opinion not, 2 people struggling against each other trying to pin the other to the ground. Heroic is lifting your enemy up with one arm, choking the living daylights out of them, before throwing them for easily 5 meters either into, or through a wall.

I don’t really think that these feats would make it overpowered. Unrealistic, sure, but so is shooting magic lightning from your hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sure, that’s why I was just suggesting it should be a focus action to move and do something without advantage, as opposed to having to do a major action to move with them. So if you do want to do some sort of an attack or throw and move with them, it has to be a focus action which allows you to move up to your movement and do an attack, but either at disadvantage or no advantage.