Feats for light pistols

I have been thinking up some possibly homebrewed feats for Dual wielding pistols and even using one handed pistols.

I noticed that the Dual wielding pistols does not give the same bonus advantage as dual wielding melee weapons. I would assume this is because of the range advantage. However I was thinking making a feat, that allows the same advantage and possibly add some more flavor to it.

I also thought of another feat, like a gun fu where it removes the disadvantage in melee range with weapons that use close range and probably even short range. Maybe have this 2 tiers, 1st being close and second being short.

Just curious of this has been done as of yet or if balancing could be a issue.

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Or, just talk to your GM and house rule pistols/revolvers and the like can be dual wielded. It’s not overly strong, as it is only Advantage 1.

Plus, there is already a feat that does that, Attack Specialization.

But yeah, like @ConradCurtis said, just talk to your GM on whether it makes sense for the campaign, or your character backstory, for you to get advantage for dual wielding pistols.

As a GM, for most of my games I would probably rule no, but I might for the rule of cool. And as the GM, I might be more inclined to allow it if you took something like Multi-attack specialist (since that would make more sense for dual-wielding pistols).

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I would think, that the reason ranged weapons doesn’t get the “free advantage 1” is because they’re ranged. Although you can still wield a pistol with a shield of sorts making them pretty neat.
I would probably make the feat cost 1 point, and give multi targeting with pistols advantage (or less disadvantage) saying that because you wield two ranged weapons, you’ll have an easier time shooting multiple targets. Could also just make it a house-rule rather than a feat constraint.

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Btw, there is already a feat, which does exactly what you described, so no house rule necessary for that: Multi-Target Attack Specialist.

IMO Since there are various ways of emulating advantage for that end, i suggest that when you dual wield ranged weapons you double the “25’ between targets” limit for multitargetting. That feels unique enough, although im not sure on balance for that.

Also, to note, you can dual wield sawed off shotguns. As long as the area of the cone starts adjacent to you, it counts as melee (by a certain reading of exclusion).

###Ranged Attacks in Melee
Any time you make a ranged attack and there is an enemy within melee reach of you, you have disadvantage 1 on your attack roll. Area attacks are considered ranged attacks if the area does not include at least one space adjacent to the attacker.

So if it isn’t considered a ranged attack, you could argue it is therefore a melee attack. And if you are dual-wielding sawed-off shotguns, therefore you get the dual-wielding advantage.



Ya you guys are right with the attach Specialisation with the duel wielding of pistols, that makes sense. Or rule with the GM.

For the feat regarding ranged weapons in Melee, i was thinking this

Have a requirement of 3 agility cause you would need to be pretty good with ranged weapons to avoid movement of your foe in this range.
Feat cost of only 1
which removes the disadvantage for any close or short range weapon in melee.

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