[Feat] Wealthy Modification

Wealthy Feat, instead of increasing a players actual WL score instead does:

Players are able to purchase another item from their WL without having to wait the normal 2 weeks. In addition, they can purchase an item above their WL once every month without reducing their Wealth Level (to represent haggling, shrewd negotiaions, etc). For the purposes of crafting, their Wealth Level score is considered 1 greater.

If a player chooses this at character creation, for their starting equipment they may select up to three items of wealth level 3 and any number of items of a lesser wealth level at the decrition of the GM.


The thing I’d consider removing is the “may purchase a higher WL item once per month” and just taking that out and just allowing it to benefit crafting.

Most of the reasons I’ve found that someone takes Wealthy is b/c they are doing Crafting, or they want to start the game with better equipment. This would allow both of those things.


The thoughts are:

  1. It makes it easier to purchase this after character creation without breaking things as much (Being able to jump from W5 to WL6 at higher levels suddenly)

  2. Makes it so players won’t be as askew from each other on WL if someone chooses wealthy.


Let me know what you all think to this change to wealthy. Do you like it? Do you have suggestions?


I would consider changing the “downtime” from purchasing something at the same WL to one week instead of the “two per two weeks”, at least if I’ve read that correctly.
It sounds simpler in my head, but then again, you can’t always shop every week, negating the benefit. Hmm. Maybe having two “charges”, but that’s pretty much what you have already.

The idea of purchasing above your WL once per month seems reasonable.

I think I prefer this over the standard Wealthy overall.

As a GM I don’t really like the rule of “losing wealth to purchase item 1 level higher”, that makes it really hard to track the team wealth and the team can simply hand the player supplies he needed, so this punishment doesn’t really do much to the team. (it’s good in running solo play, though)
I would simply not give my players the choice to gain an useful-enough item that they may want to sacrifice 1 WL.
However with this modification, I would be encouraged to give out items that is 1 WL greater than players’, having them to chose one from many knowing the list may not be the same next month. I would apply this modification to my players, except changing numbers of items equal to their WL per 2 week, that’s going to make me and my players having to track too many things and draws the fun away from making difficult item choices.