Feat: Patron (Gods, factions and other benefactors)

So often times, the PCs (and other characters in the world) exist within ranks of a specific organization that provides with some support, and sometimes allows them to call in certain favors, or they have some powerful and wealthy patron offering them support (which need not be physical - a DnD warlock’s demonic master, or a cleric’s deity could be represented through this feat as well) - while this already somewhat exists in the form of certain perks (and can always be just done narratively), I felt that the overall idea could be expanded upon into something more…mechanically powerful?
So while working on an Eberron campaign (which is big on factions such as the Dragonmarked houses, and many others like the many secret espionage groups), I came up with this feat which can be applied to a wide range of factions and individuals within a setting, from a thieves guild to a merchant network to the royal guard to the galactic emperor to an outer god. It can also represent players working their way up the hierarchy (indeed it’s kind of implied that without this feat, the players are just lowly minions or otherwise lack any sort of influence within the faction - newly minted followers, fresh recruits, newly hired employees), attaining more and more power and say in the matters.
It’s likely got some kinks to work out (on top of being quite wordy but hopefully not overly complicated), so I’d appreciate some feedback on it!

And also worth noting is that it is entirely not play-tested yet, but I hope to rectify that in due time. Cheers!

Name: Patron (I-IX)
Cost: 3 per tier
Prerequisites: Special (See below)
Description: You have the backing of an influential individual or group, such as a thieves guild, a military or a demonic lord, whom you can ask for aid, such as special equipment, shelter or information.

Effect: When you gain this feat (see Special for more information), you gain a separate Wealth Level track, tied to your patron. You can use this Wealth Level to acquire goods, services and favors as appropriate to your patron, following the standard rules for expending Wealth. This Wealth Level is independent from your regular Wealth Level, and an increase or decrease in one does affect the other - the maximum level you can have in this Wealth Level is equal to your rank in this feat, and you cannot purchase favors that are one WL above. The GM may also rule that your patron has access to unique wares that cannot be obtained elsewhere and thus can only be purchased through expenditure of this special faction WL.

You can still attempt to call in favors that would be inaccessible to you, by performing a special roll, called a favor roll. This represents your attempt at negotiating a favor even if your rank in the faction hierarchy does not allow for it, such as renting a combat space frigate when you’re merely a cadet.
To make a favor roll, first determine the DC for the roll, based on the wealth level of the favor you are attempting to acquire - 10 + (2 * WL). This functions like an attribute roll, except you treat your tier in this feat as your attribute (meaning, that for a roll with 1 tier in this feat, you would roll 1d20+1d4). Your GM may apply advantage or disavantage to this roll, as well as limit how many times in a given time period you may attempt this roll.
The GM may also allow you to perform this roll when trying to obtain a less material favor, such as gathering information a specific subject, or sending in lower-ranking members to aid you - in these cases, the GM sets the DC for the roll, roughly based on the scale of the favor and how difficult it would be to arrange for your patron.

In addition, you gain advantage 1 on social checks made against lower-ranking members of your faction (who may not necessarily possess this feat) per each tier of this feat you possess.

Special: Before you can purchase this feat, the GM may rule that you need to already be part of an existing in-setting organization, and there may be an involved joining process, so the GM may rule that you cannot purchase this feat until you are considered within the ranks of the organization in question. In addition, the GM may rule that a certain faction or patron is simply not large or influential enough, and limit how many ranks of this feat you can purchase.
If you ever leave the organization or go down in rank, voluntarily or involuntarily, you regain the feat points spent on this feat (per tier if you fall, or all if you leave the organization entirely), and may spend them as usual.

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