[Feat] Harmless

Harmless (Unkillable?)

Cost: 2 (maybe 3?) points

  • Any:
  • Will 5 (maybe 7?)
  • Fortitude 5 (maybe 7?)
  • Protection 5 (maybe 7?)
  • Tough as Nails I (maybe, maybe not?)

You havea remarkable ability to shrug off damage that would normally be lethal to to lesser heroes.

When you take lethal damage, you may choose to instead take twice that damage as regular HP damage.

You must have enough HP remaining to activate this feat.

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Debating on making Tough as Nails the prereq, in which case would take away the ohter pre-req.

I like the idea of this being able to be tied to Will/Fortitude/Protection maybe even Presence. The question there is whether to make it 5 or 7 prereq.

I also considered making this 2 tiers, where the 2nd tier maybe allows you to not have to double the damage.

Eager to hear thoughts.

I’m dying :joy:… Shouldn’t this be


Or if I’m not being sarcastic


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Antonyms for lethal listed Harmless

Also, Unharmable is not in the dictionary.

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this could work :slight_smile:

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I’d be in favour of using Tough as Nails as the prerequisite rather than the attribute scores. A second tier without the doubling would just be “4 feat points - ignore lethal damage” which I’m not sure about; seems like at that point it would become an automatic include for most high-level characters.

Overall I like it, but I probably wouldn’t include it in my own games unless it really fit the narrative abilities of one of my players’ characters.

Well, you still take the damage, just not as lethal.

I suppose could modify it to so you take Less your Fortitude in Lethal damage… or something.

I like it!

I think 2 is perfect![quote=“Great_Moustache, post:2, topic:202”]
The question there is whether to make it 5 or 7 prereq.

Also I think 5 would be fine! I think it would be pretty balanced, as they’d have to take twice the damage.

I think it would be fair if the 2nd Tier (if you add it) would have an Attribute Score 7 prerequisite.

I gotta be honest though, Mr. Moustache. No offense, but I think we could do better on the name. :sweat_smile: Invulnerable, Fortified, Indestructible are my suggestions for that.

Those are my thoughts
Super cool idea, man!

I would recommend limiting the use of this feat to combat situations. Otherwise they are effectively immune to traps.

“Should we disarm the trap?”
“Nah, just have Harmless set it off. He’ll be fine in like 10 minutes.”

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I’d say instead of negating lethal damage, the feat should lessen it. Say, "when taking lethal damage, reduce it by half (round down).


Much better idea! :100: … I was thinking if that needed any tweaking, but it’s actually perfect because it doesn’t make you completely immune to massive lethal one-shot TKO, it it does mean that it’ll require maybe like a 60~70+ roll at low level instead of a 40~50+ or something.