[Feat] Four Armed

I am making a feat for a race that has 4 arms and is good at using both there arms.

Four armed
Cost: 2 Points
Tier 1-2: None
Either your a alien race or you received a cybernetic implant, you have a total of 4 arms.
This feat gives you 2 extra arms, this means you can ready a weapon in each hand. This means you will not need to use a minor action to ready these weapons if it is in your hand. This does not increase advantages for dual wielding or two handers and doesn`t provide extra attacks. Also you can gain a advantage on using non combat checks when using the extra arms for assistance.

Tier 1 - You gain 2 extra arms and can have a weapon readied in each hand.
Tier 2 - You gain a advantage when using non combat attribute checks that the extra two arms would be helpful.

(I have been thinking a possibility for a Tier 3 that allows a extra attack. But i’m thinking of having it be a focus action and at a 3 disadvantage.)

So, I"ve already done four arms and done it without having to use a feat like this and just using the rules as they are.

Basically everything you typed out there doesn’t affect much it seems, and it is mostly just flavor. If anything, you have the bonus to out of combat situations that use the 4 arms. Just make that a perk.

The fact you are holding more weapons is just a given, not something you need to spell out for the readied in each hand, etc.

Making this a 2 cost 2 tier feat seems like just spending feat points you don’t need to spend.

Advantage from dual-wielding, etc, already doesn’t stack, so you are also good there.

Hmmm true that. Maybe I’ll just do the perk as you suggest. Means minimal changes and such. Thanks


If you are interested in an actual mechanical effect, the same 2 points could be spent on the Companion feat. This could then be used, with minor hand-waving (get it?), to give the second set of hands their own attributes and turn. WAY more bang for your buck than the proposed feat above.

Indeed, though far more than minor hand waving. I’ve built such a character. Several ways a GM could go about doing this, but it requires a bit more to make sure it is balanced.

Thank you all for the input on these. I will put them all to heart.
Though i’m thinking about taking the Perk approach, everything else mechanic wise can be done feat wise or narrative. Also with making it a Perk its a little bit less need to balance as much.