FEAT: Disruptive Strikes

Disruptive Strikes

Cost: 2 Feat Points
You are specialized at using your damaging strikes to disrupt the concentration of others. Perhaps you know just the right place to hit, or the blows are simply so powerful the cause a hiccup in focus.
When your roll on a damaging attack exceeds the target’s defense by 5 or more (as opposed to the usual 10), you may choose to disrupt the target’s concentration. Each attack is still only capable of a single effect on exceptional success. You cancel a single boon being sustained by the target of your attack. If your attack targeted multiple foes, then you may cancel one boon being sustained by each target.

This does not stack with Bane Focus or similar feats, you must choose either the effect of that feat or this one on a damaging attack.

Basically like Bane Focus, in that you can trigger Exceptional Success on 5+ instead of 10+, but for disrupting a sustained boon.

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