[Feat] Battlefield Tactician & Superior Tactician 1-3

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Battlefield Tactician (Cost 3)

Your insight into the future, super fast processing of possible outcomes, divine inspiration, or training in tactics allows you to help another have a better outcome in battle. A leader yelling out commands to their troops or a tactical genius giving critical insight on how to better land an attack are common tropes.


Tier 1: One of the following

  • Attribute Score of 5 in either
    • Prescience
    • or Logic
    • or Learning
  • or Knowledge 1 (Tactician)
    • or other area of Knowledge that makes sense as approved by the GM
  • or Sworn Enemy 1
    • See Special Section below


The idea is to use the Defend Interrupt Action but in another way, thus not creating a new action economy, just using an existing one differently. When a player fails an attack roll, someone with this feat can give them another roll right away and possibly with some more advantage from Knowledge OR (not and) half of Sworn Enemy. So in short you consume your own interrupt action to grant your ally a free attack action after their attack misses.


When an ally (other than yourself) fails an Attack Roll, you may use a Defend Interrupt Action to instead give that ally an immediate Attack as a Free Action. This works in the same way as a Defend Interrupt Action in that you lose your next Major Action when your turn comes up, but there is no Action Roll preformed, nor movement granted to yourself or the ally.

You may grant the ally additional advantage to their new Attack Roll by one of the following:

  • Advantage equal to your tier in Knowledge (Tactician)
    • or other area of Knowledge approved by the GM
  • Advantage equal to your tier in Sworn Enemy
    • the target of your allies attack must qualify for your Sworn Enemy
    • A GM may decided, in instances where the players will be fighting the Sworn Enemy group/creatures frequently in a campaign, to treat the advantage as half the tier in Sworn Enemy


The GM may allow access to this feat via Sworn Enemy as a prerequisite. Naturally this means the feat can only be used when the target of the ally qualifies for Sworn Enemy.

The GM may decide the ally must keep the original target for the New Attack roll as well as deem certain missed attacks as invalid for this feat to affect. This could be due to flavor of the Tactician themselves, or if it makes sense in the narrative.

In the case of multi-targeting where there is at least 1 hit and some miss, the GM may choose to allow the partial miss to count for triggering this feat. However, the new attack roll should suffer at least the same amount of disadvantage.

Superior Tactician 1-3 (Cost 3)

Through expert training or hard earned experience, you are able to more effectively help or command your allies in battle.


Tier 1: Knowledge 1 (Tactician)
Tier 2: Knowledge 2 (Tactician)
Tier 3: Knowledge 3 (Tactician)

Other areas of knowledge may be used that make sense as approved by the GM.


To work just like the Sentinel feat but for Battlefield Tactician instead. This would give the tactician the ability to aid other allies and more than 1 failed attack roll, however at increasing disadvantage to balance out the potential power. This can not be used on an Attack Roll you have already giving to someone (no double dipping).


Once per round, after you have expended your next major action to perform a Defend Interrupt Action, you get an additional major action that must be spent before the start of your next turn to make another Defend Interrupt Action. Multiple tiers of this feat grant additional major actions only usable for Defend Interrupt Actions via Battlefield Tactician.

You may not use this on a roll you have already given to an ally. Each additional major action gives the allies new attack roll a cumulative Disadvantage 1 (1st additional major = Disadvantage 1, 2nd additional major = Disadvantage 2, 3rd additional major = Disadvantage 3).

Additional Thoughts for Battlefield Tactician & Superior

Maybe extend this to failed action roll instead of just Attack Roll. Potentially allowing Boon Invocations to apply or even generic action rolls. It could still fit, but the question is power and balance.

Feedback welcome, after feedback will post it to the wiki as well. Might go back and do a re-write on some parts as I did finish typing it up late last night.