Feat: Alternate Initiative

Just a simple maccaroni:

Alternate Initiative
Cost: 1 Point
Tier 1: None
Whether you are a trained soldier who is always scanning the horizon, a jaded veteran who knows what will happen from experience, or a sage whose danger sense is more than just a gut feeling, your initiative does not rely on your reflexes alone.
Instead of Agility, you may roll Perception or Prescience for Initiative. You must choose which when you take this feat.

I’m really considering adding Logic to this, as in some super smart genius who can predict when feces are about to hit the fidget spinner.

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This is very niche, but it seems fairly costed and I can’t spot any potential problems. Be aware that Perception is by far the “optimal” choice though, given that it’s also the most commonly used determining surprise, making it doubly effective for initiative. I don’t think it’s overpowered though.

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Niche is pretty gud tbh. Niche is what I live for.