Favorite Boons, Banes, Feats, Perks, Flaws

What’s your favorite boon, bane, feat, perk, flaw?
Why are those your choices?
Personally, the simple Heal boon is my favorite because I simply like both patching up allies and inspiring them to fight in spite of their wounds.
Forced Move, meanwhile, is my top bane, since I like knocking folks around, and especially into stuff.
Knowledge and Scholar are my top feat and perk, since I’m a fan of playing somebody who is extremely knowledgeable in a specific field of sorts, at time perhaps at the cost of other topics, and ergo I like to have those match. I also like having characters who are specialists in regards to something they hate, in a Sun Tzu “Know thy enemy” way.
For flaw, a phobia has good potential depending on choice, as does a compulsion, but my pick for favorite is uncoordinated. Perhaps it has something to do with me liking to make characters who got hurt real bad and are uncoordinated due to it.


we have a lot of similarities in playstyle! Besides the ones you already mentioned, I really like Teleportation ala Dr Strange. Its awesome when it works!
I enjoy my players using Scent since it seldom you see people use their nose for something in rpgs :slight_smile: For me, Warrior’s Code is great to roleplay, it’s very tempting to abuse it but I feel great whenever you can use it as a reset. Go meet a baddie, try to persuade him, if it fails, you can reset and find another way and not be forced to attack immediately.
For Flaws, I see Phobia as the best because it is just so versatile.


I’ve always liked the idea of magnus characters in pathfinder (sword mages), so one of the first Open legend Npc’s I built was a Magnus. He uses energy to form a sword of fire that he uses to fight foes. with bane focus in persistent damage. He uses movement to kinetically throw stones as his ranged weapon. Due to some failed rolls he now has the uncoordinated flaw because the party stated the fact that he was so bad at such things.

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Favorite feat is a combination actually: Combat Momentum and Combat Follow Through;
There is nothing more satisfying than consecutively beating up an entire hoard of minions all in one go.

Favorite boon is Haste; being able to cover so much ground along with the bonus actions and guard increase the higher level gives you makes it a boon that feels good to invoke to the party.

Favorite bane is Death; Death because… Yeah. Although the chances of anyone ever getting a chance to invoke such a bane is rare, Domination is also a choice of mine. Because taking control of enemies is cool.