Fantasy Character Sheet

This is based on Low Fantasy Gaming’s Character Sheet. It has a sword and sorcery feel to it.

Based on feedback from my SciFi sheet, I believe the calculation issues are all ironed out, and there’s a method to enable Attribute Substitution as well.

I added a section for most used weapons, which leaves more room for other favored actions, and gives additional detail on what banes and wielding options are available, all on the front page.

Download the PDFs, images, Example sheet and the Asea font.


Hey, this is amazing. I love how you’ve put in the cr and attribute tables in. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! :grin:
I found those were the two tables players were asking for most often.

This sheet looks dope.

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Does not update the maths/formulas in Evince (GNOME’s default PDF reader)… This because Evince does not support JavaScript, but I like the idea of this sheet. So if you could create a fillable version with only text boxes, and without the automatic fill-in, That would be grand.

Thank you for your time.
// Gustav.

Absolutely! I’ve renamed the form filled calculating one to better reflect it’s purpose, and stripped the calculations out of Fantasy-OL_Forms.pdf. Evince doesn’t seem to read tab order, must be a JavaScript function then. At any rate, there’s a calculation-free form filled version now. :smiley:


Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for that, I think that the order of the form is dependant on the absolute order in the PDF markup. Then again, I don’t know what libpoppler does underneath it all, or if that is something that is done in Evince.

Anyway, thank you again!
// Gustav.

Hi, I just realized that the ‘+10’ for defenses is not present on the sheet. I usually write this on for most of my players. Though adding it in some way to the sheet would be amazing, it’s just one of those small things I’d like to be on the sheets - even though many players won’t care.