Extaordinary Attribute Melee Attacks

Hello everyone. I’m pretty new to Open Legends and hoping to run a game using it soon. I want some clarification on a part of the attack rules for Extraordinary attributes. The rules state that non-physical attacks (which I assume means attacks made with Extraordinary attributes) have a range determined by your attribute score, which implies that these attacks are ranged attacks. The “Ranged Attacks in Melee” sidebar states that ranged attacks made while an enemy is within melee reach of you have disadvantage 1.
My question is, can you use Extraordinary abilities to make attacks against creatures within melee range without the ranged attack disadvantage? My assumption is that you can, but making non-melee attacks while a creature is within melee range would still impose disadvantage 1.
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out!


You can make a 5’ cube area attack (no disadvantage to an area attack that is ONLY 5ft cube) with Extraordinary, and if it includes the square adjacent to you, it doesn’t incur disadvantage from ranged, as per the rule you were quoting

Area attacks are considered ranged attacks if the area does not include at least one space adjacent to the attacker.


I see. That makes sense, thank you!

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