Exceptional Success and Failure roll interpretation Chart list for combat, banes, and boons

I made a chart that people can look and use when interpreting failure and exceptional successes. Mostly to be used in combat.

Since not everyone (especially me) can make jurisdictions on the fly or have trouble rewarding high rolls or any other mental problems one could have as the GM (which is a lot.)

I made myself an easy to use chart that I can always go back to when I ever encounter these scenarios… Mostly for combat.
Essentially what this is, is like that critical fumble table people made for D&D. Only you don’t roll percentile, and there’s tables for critical successes as well.

Here it is, feel free to use them. Or criticize them as both would be very appreciated, especially the latter.
(This chart/table/list thing doesn’t include failed damaging attack rolls as those are already covered on the original rules.)

Exceptional Bane Attack

The attacker may choose 1 bonus effect from this list for every 15 points that their roll exceeds the targeted defense from this list:

  • Inflict an extra Bane of PL <= 3 for free
  • The bane attack is turned into a damaging attack
  • The bane is potent and attempts to shake it off suffer disadvantage 1
  • The bane is inflicted 1 or 2 power levels higher than intended
  • Disrupt the target’s concentration on a single boon they are sustaining
  • The bane is inflicted on another nearby target
  • The bane cannot be resisted for 1 round
  • The CR to resist the bame is increased by 2.

Exceptional Boon Invocation

The invoker may choose 1 bonus effect from this list for every 20 points that their roll exceeds the Boon Challenge Rating from this list.

  • The target heals 3 HP
  • The boon is sustained as a free action next round
  • The boon is invoked 1 or 2 power levels higher than intended
  • A Boon of PL <= 3 and uses the same attribute to invoke is also invoked for free
  • The boon is invoked on another nearby target

Failed Boon Invocation

On a failed Boon Invocation, the GM gets to choose one outcome from this list.

  • Outright Failure, the boon is unable to be invoked
  • The invoker suffers a Bane of PL <= 3 but the boon is still invoked
  • The invoker takes 3 points of damage but the boon is still invoked
  • The boon cannot be sustained
  • The boon is invoked but the invoker cannot act on their next turn and only sustain the boon

NOTE: It is encouraged that the failed Boon invocation list should not be used when an NPC fails their roll; similar to a failed Damaging or Bane attack. I mean c’mon, the rules said the core mechanic of failure but the story progresses or success with a twist doesn’t need to apply to NPC’s and should only apply to the players. Also keep in mind that some of these outcomes are less forgiving than the others and the GM must choose wisely according to the roll. If the roll was only 1 to 3 points below from success, consider choosing to let the boon still be invoked but maybe it can’t be sustained or maybe the invoker suffers a bane instead.
NOTE NOTE: I also discourage rolling to pick from the lists randomly. You should always choose what would be the best and most fitting effect from the lists. As the list wasn’t intended for random rolling.

EDITED* Minor changes from feedback.

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10+ for bane and boon is a bad idea. There’s reasons the 10+ was only included for damaging.

I do understand wanting to have an easier to follow list I suppose, however, generally speaking, for banes you’d want probably on 15+, and boons somewhere on 20+.

Banes are generally easier to apply (compared to damaging attacks which scale the higher you roll) and you get the max affect by just matching the defense. For this reason at least a 15+ over is better to shoot for.

For Boons, you are punishing/taking away from those who choose to go Boon Focus. In addition, you aren’t going for a defense, and the average roll of your attribute dice allows you to meet the highest PL of your Boon, so a few advantage here and there should make it easier to hit the 10+.

20+ helps ensure it doesn’t outshine those with Boon focus, and considering for a lot of boons you still get an effect even if you roll only a 12.

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I"d say this is way too powerful for an exceptional success.

Invoking boons already works this way. You roll to find out the PL you invoke out, not if you succeed at the highest PL.

After having been playing with this chart for a while, I strongly agree with increasing bane and boon exceptional success requirement since they seem to happen way too often and they do make Boon Focus less great of a feat (and Bane Focus too in a way.)

Oh really? Silly me. I read the rules and thought the player had to declare what PL they were invoking the boon before rolling or something.