Empower Boon Idea

A boon I am going to have to use in my personal game and I would love some advice on it

Duration: Sustain Persists
Invocation Time: 1Minor Action
Power Level: 4
Attributes: Creation, Energy, Entropy
Description: You infuse a weapon of your choice with energy making it more powerful in battle.
Effect: Choose one weapon you are holding. During the duration when you make an attack with this weapon you may roll the Attribute dice for the attribute used to invoke this boon in addition to the normal dice.

Seems super powerful… like majorly powerful.

I would strongly discourage using this actually, that’s how powerful that would be.

Normally you roll at level 1:
d20 + 2d6

With this you are saying to roll:
d20 + 2d6 + 2d6

all of which explode. That is just at level 1.

Generally, the way Open Legend works to make attacks more powerful is by adding advantage. Adding additional dice is going to throw things off quite a bit.

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In addition, when you do have advantage, now it gets complex. Do both sets of attribute dice now all get that advantage, or just the original dice rolled for the attack.

Then how would you suggest a mechanic like this. One of my players is playing a monk who uses his creation to boost his weapons, but I couldn’t think f another way to do it…

Also you would have advantage on the attack, not the power so only the original die would be advantaged

My suggestion would be follow the bolster boon rules but allow him to use the creation/energy/entropy attribute for the roll. Flavor the damage to be of the appropriate type.


I want a flavor of more damage rather than an easier hit. Maybe decrease the damage done. Ex: power level 4 is an extra d4 damage and so on

Well in OL advantage on hitting translates to more damage as damage is equal to the amount above the targeted defense. So on the attack a roll of 20 vs 16 guard is 4 damage, roll of 25 vs 16 is 9 damage.

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But if your looking for direct damage I would say work off of the aura boon as the base with persistent damage as as the bane chosen So a power level 4 in aura let’s you use power level 2 persistent damage or a d4. To do a d6 you need power level 4 persistent damage which would mean you would need power level 8.

In my mind, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but advantage means taking advantage of a weakness in defences or training in order to get a better strike. I don’t want that flavor, but more of an increase in the power of the attack because of the boost. In my mind that translates to more dice.

I was refering to the game mechanic of advantage. So in OL advantage is a game mechanic where you add more dice. So let’s say you are attacking with an agility of 5 (he’s agile monk right?) You would role a d20 +2d6 for his agility score let’s say you got a 12 on the 20 and 2 and 4 on the d6’s for a total of 18 (12+2+4=18) and they have a Guard of 15. 18 -15= 3 so you would do 3 dmg.

Now let’s say he has the bolster boon up giving him advantage 1. He would roll d20 +2d6 for his agility and another d6 for the advantage. (Note advantage adds extra dice of the d type of the attribute so if he was rolling a d8 he would add an extra d8). If he has advantage 2 roll 2 extra dice and so on. So advantage translates to more dice.

Lets say he rolls the same 12, 2, and 4, but that extra dice is a 6. With advantage you keep a number of higher dicedetermined by your attribute (atrribute is 2d6 so keep the 2 highest, if attribute was 1d8 keep highest 1d8 and so on) so he would keep the 12, 4 and 6 for a total of 22 vs guard of 15 so 7 dmg plus the d6 rolled max so it explodes being rolled again let’s say 3 so really a total of 25 meaning 10 damage.

Advantage means better average die rolls with more chance for explosion getting a better attack number which translates to more damage.

Another way to look is all attacks hit your just trying to do more damage than they can resist.

I know how advantage works mechanically, but story wise it’s not the right mechanic for what I am trying to do

My bad. Based on your comment i wasn’t sure if you were basing advantage of of 5E or OL. My players get it wrong all the time, keep trying to reroll the d20.

Then yea if you want to throw on extra damage dice that’s up you. What I would do is call it Empower (l like the name) Major Action; Sustain Minor Boon and use the persistent dmg bane for scale on extra damage to the attack so d4 on power level 2. D6 power level 4 etc.

Though be careful because if that’s an extra die they keep then effectively your turning a attribute score of 2 into a 5. D6 kept to 2d6 kept or a 3 into a 6 (d8 to 2d8). So it’s real powerful.

That’s what I was looking for, thank you very much

This is not what is meant by Advantage. In Open Legend, Advantage is referring to the dice, not the story. Anything that could possibly improve your damage, odds, luck, skill, literally anything, gives you Advantage on the roll. But this term “Advantage” has nothing to do with the story told in the game.

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Oh ok, good to know.