Dual Wielding Blaster and Superior Reach feat

Dual Wielding Blaster
Cost: 3
Prerequisite: Agility 4
Description: You are trained in the art of badassery, through special forces, secret agent, or super soldier training, you possess the necessary skill and dexterity to wield 2 ranged weapons at once and maximize the use out of it.
Effect: When wielding two ranged weapons, you may declare to make 2 attacks before attacking. When you do, you gain an additional Major Action to be used solely for attacking with your ranged weapon, all Major Actions from then on must be used strictly for ranged attacks. Both attacks suffer disadvantage 3. You may move around in between attacks as usual and target the same creature more than once.
Alternatively you may choose to multi-target 2 creatures with one attack when attacking and not incur any disadvantage.
Both of these options can only be used when attacking in the ranged weapon’s normal range. Simply wielding a ranged weapon with 2 hands do not grant you these options either. You must wield 2 ranged weapons.
Special: If you possess any multi-targeting properties or feats that help mitigate the disadvantage penalties incurred vie multi-targeting then they stack with this feat so long as you still meet the requirements to multi-target with the Dual Wielding Blaster feat.
If you possess the Multi Attack feat along with this feat, the number of additional attacks you can make do not change but if you meet the requirements to multi attack via Dual Wielding Blaster, then you may declare to make 2 attacks and suffer no disadvantage.

players (my player anyway but I’m pretty sure he isn’t the only one) always wanted to be able to play cool chads wielding 2 guns into battle. So I made this. Though I do know why ranged weapons don’t gain advantage similarly to melee weapons when dual wielding, I tried to make this as balanced as I could.

Superior Reach
Cost: 3 points
Prerequisites: none
Description: Be it because you are exceptionally tall among your kind, able to slam dunks without effort. Or maybe you have a mutation that gives you longer than normal limbs. Perhaps you have the super power of elasticity. Regardless of the reason, thanks to this, you’re able to reach places farther than what a normal person of your size normally can. Such as that top shelf!
Effect: Your natural melee reach is extended to be 5’ ft farther than normal. Wielding a weapon with the Reach property or other similar effects can still increase your melee range farther than your natural one.

this feat just sort of popped into my head one day.

As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated.

With the feedback received I changed Dual Wielding Blaster into something a little more flavorful and fun than just a simple ranged version of Two Handed Brute.

Both look fine to me but Dual Wielding Blaster ultimetaly feels useless. Why would you ever want this feat over a feat like Attack Specialisation, for example? They both accomplish the same with the exception that Attack Specialisation has fewer hoops to jump through. So this doesn’t really encourage or enhances a Gunslinger build in a meaningful way.


I can see Dial Wielding Blaster working, actually.

For one, this Feat as written applies to Bane Attacks similar to Two Weapon Brute. In addition, it stacks with using different Weapons using different listed Banes.

Purely for Damaging Attacks, Attack Specialization is better since it has less Prerequisites and is less situational, working for longer Ranges as well. But when making heavy use of various Banes (or just for style points), Dual Wielding Blaster has more to offer.

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Good point, I forgot that Attack Specialisation only applies to damage. Still, I find the narrative connection between advantage and dual-wielding ranged weapons kinda weak, so I would look more towards Multi-Attacking benefits because I think that’s a better fit between flavour and mechanics.

Dual Wielding Blaster is simply meant to be a ranged version of the Two Weapon Brute feat as @Vrenshrrg pointed out.
that was the original intention. The same argument can be made for Two Weapon Brute as well, why get this when you can just get Attack Specialization?

Actually though, if you are willing to spend the extra feat points to get both feats you can even dual wield Medium, Long, and Extreme ranged weapons as well and gain advantage for them.

In the discussion threads I’ve read and from my players, they always ask if they can gain advantage dual wielding ranged weapons like with dual wielding melee, and after learning they can’t, they then ask why?
I give the game balance rules reason I believe in and realism reasons.

So that’s why dual wielding blaster simply allows you to gain advantage when wielding two ranged weapons just like with melee.
The main take away is that Dual Wielding Blaster makes you inherently more effective against melee users and even some ranged users. Which is why Dual Wielding Blaster only applies to Close and Short Ranged weapons and doesn’t apply in farther ranged weapon categories.

Taking what you said into account, should Dual Wielding Blaster instead act more like Multi-target Attack?
Like maybe…

Dual Wielding Blaster (new)
New Effect idea: When wielding two ranged weapons, you may declare to make 2 attacks before attacking. Both attacks suffer disadvantage 3. Each attack must be made using one of the separate weapons you wield and you may not attack twice with one weapon.

That’s why I’m also not a big fan of that design either, especially since the feat already has the Multi-Attack feat requirement.

This is already much more unique and evocative than the first iteration. I would probably make it exclusive to damaging attacks and drop this part “Each attack must be made using one of the separate weapons you wield and you may not attack twice with one weapon.” as it seems a bit unnecessary and add “You may choose two different targets for these attacks without suffering additional multi-targeting penalties.” This way it would make the feat rather unique. Maybe also too powerful, but that’s something to be figured during play, I guess.

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The part

written here is for flavor and balance reasons. Mostly flavor.
You have guns in both hands, and then you just fire the same gun in the same hand twice!? Why wield two then? If apparently you are dexterous enough to fire at rapid speeds anyway and ignore your other gun lol.
But I agree it might be unnecessary.

Adding your suggestion

seems cool but it is too powerful. Essentially our good 'ol pal the gunslinger gets the Multi-target Attack I and Multi-Attacker I feat all in one feat via the option to choose one or the other. With the mere cost of 3 feat points.
If I’m understanding what you wrote.

Maybe instead the disadvantage incurred when declaring to attack twice can be negated via the Multi-targeting feat?
I’ll have to think about it, cuz I’m a fan.

Firing once is a misunderstanding of combat anyways. It may be the case, but it is just as easily the case that you fire multiple times. Just like in combat, the swing you roll for isn’t the only swing you make with a sword. It’s a dance, and that’s the opening. This is why for multi-attack you have to get the feat, b/c you are skilled enough to find more openings to effectively swing out and thus get more dice.

If I have a single gun/bow/crossbow and I multi-target, I’m already firing more than once in that case (unless you flavor it as the bullet/arrow/bolt swerving and changing path). That’s why the limitation shouldn’t really be there. Plus how do you declare it, and how do you know? Then that adds a layer of complexity and slow down to the action in saying “I’m using the weapon in my right hand” or “the weapon with X bane”.

When you dual wield you are using the 2 weapons in a combined attack, and thus gain the benefits of both (or the highest/lowest of both in certain property cases). They end up affecting each other.

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You are missing a crucial detail though: The Multi-Attack feat reduces the amount of disadvantage you get on multi-attacks, while your version doesn’t grant any such bonus, which makes it strictly worse to that feat. That’s why I offered another, hopefully flavourful, upgrade instead.

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I am already aware of this. I’ve been flavoring single attack actions as a character doing rush attacks where they attack multiple times especially in high fantasy/superhero settings since the beginning.
In our anime-esque games, my players usually flavor their killing blows as their character doing a barrage of attacks. Slashing, Punching, or Shooting a lot of times while shouting something like “ORA ORA ORA!” because why not?

What I was trying to say with the “dexterous enough to fire one hand at rapid speeds anyway” is that I felt it defeated the purpose if they ignore their other hand or something like that.

Thanks for all the feedback.
I’ll edit the original post to remake Dual Wielding Blaster now with what I’ve got into something hopefully cooler than the original post.