DM Looking to Play

Hi, I’m a DM, I’ve been playing for a reasonable amount of time now, but I’ve never actually got the opportunity to play OL. Well, that’s not quite true, I played 4 sessions with a premade character that to be quite frank was pretty awful. To avoid going on too long, I’m looking for a game that doesn’t take place at stupid o’clock GMT, Ideally fantasy-esc stuff, though I’m pretty open minded. Thanks!

If you provide what days work best, or the opposite, what days don’t work, it could help people to find you better.

What times are you typically available to play,and the length of a session you are looking for. Also what time zone are you in. I would guess GMT since you posted that, but always good to be safe and ask.

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To be quite frank, I’m not too fussed, I run games from 5-8 ish on the weekends, otherwise nothing that can’t really be rescheduled. I don’t particularly care how long, I kinda just wanna play, to be honest. DM’ing is fun and all, but it’s a lot of work and it’d be nice to be able to sit back and watch someone else drown in a see of new tabs while smashing ogres/robots. And Yes, GMT. Well, BST at the moment, but unless your in an area that doesn’t deal with daylight saving shenanigans then that isn’t important. Thanks for having me clear that up.


Are you still open to DM a game

I’m afraid not, there’s only so much time I have to write, plan and admin all this stuff, and quite frankly I don’t have enough time as is.